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We’re Live! Discover the Features of the Data Integrity Initiative’s Official Website

By Emma Nicolls, EMI - Research Solutions

Market Research had long lacked a hub for best practices and guidance in the data quality space before the establishment of the Insights Association’s Data Integrity Initiative (DII). The DII is run by a volunteer council of industry experts dedicated to generating and vetting resources that educate, identify, and eliminate fraud in all types of research—and now all those resources can be found online.

The homepage features four tabs allowing users to easily navigate and find the resources needed. In the “About the Initiative” tab, users will find a brief description of the initiative’s origins as well as its listed objectives and mission statement.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the website is the Data Integrity Pledge. This pledge is to stay informed, engaged, and committed to ensuring data delivered by our industry meets the highest quality standards. Individuals or organizations can pledge themselves to data integrity; the website is packed with resources that will help you fulfill your pledge including industry resources, a glossary of terms, reports, and more. Take the Data Integrity Pledge here!

The website also allows users to easily stay up to date with current and upcoming initiatives from the DII. Most recently, Insights Association and the DII have partnered with leading global organizations MRS, SampleCon, ESOMAR, VMO, The Research Society, and CRIC with a focus on fraud detection, data quality in qualitative research, mitigating bias, and improving respondent experience. Learn more about the Global Data Quality partnership here.

Last but certainly not least, the DII website provides an interactive version of the DII toolkit. The layout helps researchers quickly identify resources that best fit their needs, making this website one you’ll definitely want to bookmark.

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