Model Contracts & Clauses (for IA company members only)

Model Contracts & Clauses

Insights Association companies and departments may be directly and indirectly required to comply with many different regulations. In addition to a variety of legal and compliance information available to all members, Insights Association company members receive exclusive model agreements and contract clauses to aid them in evaluating and fulfilling their compliance obligations and managing their client and partner relationships, including:

  • Model Personal Information Transfer Agreement
  • Model Agreement Regarding Disclosure of Participant Identifiable Information
  • Model Contract Clause for Limitation of Liability
  • Model Contract Clause for Disclaimer of Warranty
  • Model Contract Clauses for Indemnification
  • Model Contract Clauses for Representations Warranties and Covenants in Client Agreements
  • Model Contract Clauses for Term and Termination in a Client Agreement
  • Model Master Vendor Services (Subcontractor) Agreement
  • Model Business Associate Agreement Addendum
  • Suggested Client Certification of Email, Mobile Phone Number and Other Online Identifier for Online Sample List Compliance
  • Model Unilateral CCPA Contract Provision (for vendors/suppliers)
  • Model Vendor Data Privacy Addendum for CCPA
  • Model Client Data Privacy Addendum for CCPA
  • Model Letter Offering Employment (with Confidential Information and Trade Secret Protections)
  • Model CCPA Disclosure/Disclaimer Language for a Telephone Research Call
  • IA Member Guide to Payment Disputes

Company members also may consult the “Claims Checklist” to see what actions to consider in cases of legal dispute.

All of these resources are available to company members of the Insights Association.

NOTE: These models are intended for the sole use of Insights Association company members and their clients and partners. Any unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited. The parties hereby release the Insights Association, and its officers, directors and members from and against any loss, claim or damages arising out of or related to their use. MEMBERS AND THEIR CLIENTS SHOULD OBTAIN THE ADVICE OF LEGAL COUNSEL BEFORE ENTERING INTO ANY LEGAL AGREEMENT.