Information for EU/Swiss Citizens to file a complaint

File a Complaint

Your complaint must concern a company that is a participating business in the Insights Association DPF Services Program. For your complaint to be accepted:

  • You must already have made a good faith attempt to resolve the complaint directly with the participating business


  • Your complaint must allege that the participating business has violated the DPF Principles with respect to your own personal data or the personal data of a child under 13 of whom you are the parent or guardian.

All eligible complaints will be reviewed and assistance will be provided to help you and the participating business reach a resolution. For questions pertaining to complaints and understanding the complaint process, please contact Juliana Wood.

A participating business must comply with the final determination of any dispute submitted to the Insights Association DPF Services Program. However, participating in our dispute resolution process will not affect your legal rights as a consumer.

Complaints against participants in the Insights Association DPF Services Program are handled by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution/American Arbitration Association (ICDR/AAA) and the administrative procedures described here.


If you have failed to resolve your eligible complaint by working directly with the participating company, you may initiate the dispute resolution process by completing this form and submitting it by e-mail or regular mail according to the instructions listed on the form.

You can view the Insights Association DPF Annual Report here.