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New Global Study from InSites Consulting Reveals 12 ‘Trends’ to Guide Brand Action

New consumer research from InSites Consulting identifies 4 Meaning Drivers and 12 trends that represent what matters to people for creating a more meaningful future.


Highlighting 2023 as a moment of cultural and environmental transition, the report explores a collective desire to reimagine, reinvent and transform the world around us.


The report is a call for brands of all kinds to help create the future that matters for people and planet.


Due for general release by InSites Consulting in January, the report summarises findings from a three-part proprietary study which culminated in quantification with 15,000 consumers in 17 markets in November 2022. Highlights include:


• ‘The ‘top trend’ across the globe was ‘Adaptable Essentials’ – reflecting a desire for more purposeful, affordable products and services in a future facing resource constraints

• ‘Life Rewilded’ – a trend that focuses on bringing nature and wildness into daily experience – ranks 2nd for guiding everyday behavior, meaning that many people are acting upon this trend already in their lives 

• The cultural conversation around health continues to grow and diversify, with the trends ‘Interconnected Well-being’ and ‘Social Health’ ranking 2nd and 3rd in terms of importance for providing meaning to our lives

• ‘I think we should be thankful for what we have now, instead of what we have lost’ was the most agreed with statement in the study – reflecting a focus on preserving and growing moving forward, rather than getting lost in crises


Lily Charnock, Director at Space Doctors (part of InSites Consulting), who led the study, comments: “Our aim with this study was to move beyond a standard trend report to something that speaks to our collective imaginations and societal imperatives, while being grounded in what people need. The next step is of course applying this to drive action. Behind the report we have rich & diverse data that we can’t wait to explore for specific client challenges, categories and cultural contexts.”


Niels Schillewaert, Co-Founder and Head of Solutions at InSites Consulting explains the value of the report to brands that want to make a positive difference in the world: “The trends we’ve identified should inspire brands to put people – and what matters to them – at the heart of product and service innovation for 2023 and beyond. We hope to inspire brands to explore what their role as a changemaker could be.” 


Download a copy of the What Matters Report 2023: A Migration of Meaning.


The topic of the report will be unpacked further on Wednesday, February 15 at 1 PM EST. Join Patricia Salamone, Gongos (part of InSites Consulting), and Michael Thomas, Space Doctors, as they highlight four of the 12 consumer trends in the US for 2023 and discuss the implications for brands - register here