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Insights Association Announces Launch of IDEAtor Fellowship Program

New Initiative Set to Accelerate Recruitment, Progression
 of Diverse Talent in the Profession
Adelphi Research, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Escalent, Global Survey, Gongos, Ignite 360, MMR Research, Schlesinger Group, Torfac, Zappi
Among First Organizations to Participate


March 17, 2022 – To help organizations throughout the insights ecosystem diversify their workforce, the Insights Association via its IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Council has launched the IDEAtor Fellowship Program.

The 12-month internship, developed specifically to address the needs of insights and data analytics organizations, aims to accelerate the recruitment, development, and progression of diverse talent in the industry while also building the body of knowledge around inclusive insights.

How the Program Works

The IDEA Council works with talent specialists to source, screen, and select graduate/early career talent from traditionally underrepresented populations (as determined by race, ethnicity, education, gender identity, people with disabilities, etc.) into the program, and will centrally manage on-boarding, contracting, compensation and benefits.

These “IDEAtors” are matched with program Hosts. Each Host organization benefits from the skills, talents, and enthusiasm of two IDEAtors – each working remotely for a six-month duration – July-December 2022 and January-June 2023.

In addition to their work assignments, IDEAtors will collaborate on Inclusive Insights projects, lending fresh perspectives, ideas, and solutions to real industry DEI challenges.

The program culminates in a Job Fair, providing Hosts and Sponsors the opportunity to recruit and retain highly skilled talent from the pool of IDEAtors. 

Organizations May Get Involved in Two Ways:

Become a Sponsor – Help build and fund the program during its critical formative phase in exchange for numerous marketing and branding benefits.

Become a Host – Benefit from having two IDEAtor Fellows work at your organization (remotely for six months each).

Hosts and Sponsors benefit in many ways, including: Convenient, cost-effective access to high-quality diverse talent; Support in the achievement of company DEI goals, ESAT and CSAT; an infusion of fresh thinking and perspectives on inclusive insights; an opportunity to be a champion and pioneer in the progression of DEI in the insights industry.  

“Enthusiasm for this program – before we even officially got out of the gate – has been remarkable,” commented Melanie Courtright, CEO of the Insights Association. “We are grateful for the hard work of the IDEA Council in developing this program with the expert guidance of Equitas Insights. Special thanks to our first confirmed Hosts: Adelphi Research, Escalent, Gongos (Part of InSites Consulting), Ignite 360, and The Schlesinger Group; and Founding Sponsors Escalent, Chadwick Martin Bailey, Global Survey, MMR Research, Schlesinger Group, Torfac, and Zappi, for their pioneer spirit and financial support.”  

The Insights Association welcomes companies to become a Sponsor and/or Host and to spread the word about this opportunity to expand the representation of under-represented groups at organizations throughout our profession.