Former Cint COO JD Deitch Launches Passaggio - Industry News
Former Cint COO JD Deitch Launches Passaggio

Former Cint COO JD Deitch Launches Passaggio

Former Cint COO JD Deitch has launched Passaggio, an advisory firm, to help tech-enabled services companies, notably consumer insights and data/analytics firms, master their execution and achieve operational excellence. “Rising customer expectations and technical complexity have elevated great execution to table stakes. And yet, so many companies struggle with it. Passaggio helps companies master their execution so that excellence is the standard, clients are delighted, the company succeeds, and people thrive”, said Deitch.


Passaggio’s core practice is its Business Advisory, in which it works with Founders and Leadership teams of growth-stage companies to scale and transform their businesses. The practice focuses on the twin engines of execution excellence—process and people—to pave the way for growth and enhanced profitability. An Executive Coaching practice exists in parallel for senior leaders working on personal and/or team execution. The firm also offers an Investment Advisory, providing sector investors with transaction support to evaluate strategic and operational strengths and weaknesses, synergy potential, team dynamics, and post-deal integration risks.


Deitch, the firm’s Founder and CEO, has over two decades’ operating experience in the tech-enabled B2B services sector, specializing in consumer data and digital market research. An accomplished senior executive with a reputation for great execution, he has a track record of scaling global businesses and navigating them through complex transitions to unlock value and deliver growth. Over his career, JD has led nearly every corporate function, from sales and marketing to operations, product and HR, across a wide spectrum of businesses, from Founder-led startups and scale-ups to mid-sized private equity portfolio companies to publicly listed firms. His experience includes two successful exits and significant work on all deal phases, both buy-side and sell-side, spanning valuation justifications to post-deal integration and synergy realization.


"Great execution isn't just about process and the assembly line of tasks", said Deitch. "It means that the company’s people and structure are aligned with its vision, that they share goals and priorities and are in constant dialogue. This alignment fosters a culture of collaboration, accountability, and continuous improvement. At Passaggio, we're dedicated to helping businesses unlock this potential, ensuring that every facet of the organization contributes to a seamless and purpose-driven journey towards success."