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Sago Announces Executive Appointments

Sago Announces Executive Appointments

Sago (formerly Schlesinger Group), a global research and data partner connecting human answers to business questions announced the appointment of two key leaders to its executive team. Katharine Reagan (pictured at left) has been named Chief Revenue Officer and Raj Manocha has been elevated to Chief Client Officer. These appointments reflect Sago's commitment to serving its clients and enhancing the human experience in market research. 

“At Sago, we believe that market research has the opportunity to transform how companies better understand their customers’ needs and preferences,” states CEO, Reed Cundiff. “For us, this means developing innovative technology and processes and creating a more efficient and engaging research process for clients, respondents, researchers, and stakeholders,” continued Cundiff. “Katharine and Raj, in their respective roles, bring the experience, energy, and vision needed to make this transformation a reality for our clients.”

Reagan, formerly Vice President of New Products Sales and Business Transformation at Gartner, brings over 15 years of senior sales leadership experience and a passion for interacting with clients to develop a deeper positive business relationship. As Chief Revenue Officer, Reagan will build on Sago’s client-centric approach to make informed choices that lead to meaningful change. “I believe in the power of data-driven decisions to positively impact the world and am truly excited to be part of an organization that is driven to change the world through its work,” states Reagan. “Leading our sales organization to uncover solutions that lead to deeper insights for our clients is paramount.” 

Manocha, previously EVP of Client Solutions at Sago, is now responsible for leading Sago’s marketing team, fostering long-term partnerships and enhancing its client-centric approach to ensure customers receive the highest level of service, support, and innovation. “Building and nurturing strong client relationships has always been a top priority for me,” states Manocha. “I look forward to working closely with our clients to understand their evolving needs and ensuring that Sago remains their partner of choice."

These elevations align with Sago’s commitment to empowering individuals and championing their voices. As the ever-changing innovation landscape—including advancements in AI—continues to evolve, we recognize the crucial role of human-centric research and will continue to pursue our vision of changing the world by ensuring that our clients, respondents, and stakeholders always stand at the forefront.