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Sample Ninja & Research Defender Partner to Improve Panelist Quality

Sample Ninja, a panel management platform, which provides clients with high quality respondents in a flexible and easily scalable manner -

has announced its partnership with Research Defender to further enhance fraud-detection capabilities.

The partnership provides an opportunity for Sample Ninja's panel platform users to complement its native fraud-detection initiatives with an additional layer provided by Research Defender, especially at the fundamental recruitment stage of the panel-building process.

Vignesh Krishnan, Research Defender’s Founder & CEO remarks, “We appreciate that Sample Ninja has selected Research Defender as their partner to enable their clients to fight sample fraud. We have spent years building the best in breed toolset to combat the growing problem

that our industry faces."

Tariq Mirza, Sample Ninja’s CEO and co-Founder, comments “Fraud detection alongside Panelist quality metrics are the two most important jigsaw pieces of building the best quality panels and providing the best Panelist experience in the industry in our eyes. This partnership also allows complimentary entry point fraud detection initiatives to Sample Ninja Platform users, so that they can further cement their goals of providing industry-leading quality driven panels and ensure best panelists experience.”