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Industry Veterans Launch The Research Heads

Industry Veterans Launch The Research Heads

The Research Heads, a new insights agency, has officially launched. Founded by award-winning researchers Amy Spencer, Karine Pepin, and Nikolitsa Siegel, The Research Heads offers global qualitative and quantitative research solutions with a focus on helping brands transform insights into bite-sized research assets that will deliver long-term value.


Previously heading up 2CV offices in the U.S., the founders rose through the ranks over 14+ years with the company. They combine decades of big-brand success across several industries such as technology, entertainment, gaming, and retail to deliver customer understanding anywhere in the world.


The Research Heads was born out of a love for the craft and the desire to find the sweet spot between DIY research and full-service agencies, offering the best of both worlds.  At a time when insights teams face many challenges, such as smaller headcounts, tighter budgets, and 'getting a seat at the table,' The Research Heads’ flexible, no one-size-fits-all engagement model helps bands do more with less. 


In a statement, the founders said, “The Research Heads isn’t just another research agency. We’re nimble thought partners without the overhead, focused on proving the value of the research.”


They added, “Turning insights into action is the real game-changer. We trade dusty reports for modern, snackable content that will make our clients go viral at their company!”


As advocates for the power of insights and champion for higher research standards for data integrity, the founders pride themselves on 'getting in the weeds'. No challenge is too big, no detail is too small.