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Human8 Appoints Camille Nicita New Global CEO

Human8 Appoints Camille Nicita New Global CEO

Human8 (previously known as InSites Consulting), a human-driven consultancy, announced that its co-founder and current global CEO Kristof De Wulf is passing on the responsibility to Camille Nicita, currently Managing Director for North America.


De Wulf co-founded Human8, formerly known as InSites Consulting, in 1997 as a spin-off of Belgian-based Vlerick Business School where he was marketing professor and partner. He became CEO beginning of 2012. Under his leadership, the company grew from around 80 people to now well over 800 people, adding more than €100 million in revenues through organic growth, greenfield operations in the Netherlands, Romania, UK, US & Germany, and an intensive buy-and-build journey involving 9 acquisitions in just 5 years. At the start of 2023, the global group rebranded to Human8, while keeping the Space Doctors name as a sub-brand for its foresighting and strategic positioning work.


Kristof states: “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to grow and lead our organization for almost 12 years now. It was an amazing journey transitioning from a Belgian start-up to a global leader that is serving the needs of the most iconic brands in the world. The time is now to pass on the responsibility to one of our most competent and inspiring leaders in the business, Camille Nicita. Moving Camille into the seat of global CEO not only sends a clear signal that we are now a truly global company, but also that we moved beyond our legacies into an exciting joint future.”


Nicita’s journey started more than 30 years ago when she was hand-picked to join a start-up market research company, formerly known as Gongos. Camille held several leadership positions, but the most profound one came in 2012 when the owner, John Gongos, passed away unexpectedly. Camille was appointed as owner and CEO overnight. With strong leaders around her, they carried forward with strength, perseverance, and resiliency to reinvent the company and change the face of insights. Under Camille’s leadership, the company experienced record growth while continuing to nurture a positive and rewarding environment for its people.


Gongos became part of Human8 at the end of 2021 and Camille has since been operating as the Managing Director for North America. Camille is an active member of the Board of the Insights Association, contributing member of the Forbes Agency Council, and official judge of the North American Customer Centricity Awards. Under Nicita’s leadership the company achieved the Forbes Small Giant award in 2020.


“I am honored to carry on the great work Kristof has accomplished over the last decade and am ready to apply the Small Giants mindset on a global scale,” Nicita said. “The skills and capabilities we have under one roof are unparalleled and it’s strengthened by our people-first culture around the globe. My focus in the coming years will be to cultivate passion for our purpose, clients, people, and the community at large.”

Stepping into her new role as global CEO of Human8 (effective as of October 1), Camille leaves the North American branch in the experienced hands of Katherine Ephlin, currently North America Head of Operations, who will be replacing her as Managing Director of North America. Camille will also join the Human8 Board of Directors, where De Wulf remains an active member as well as a shareholder of the global group.