Veridata Insights "Giving Back" Initiative Helps Food Banks Worldwide - Industry News
Veridata Insights "Giving Back" Initiative Helps Food Banks Worldwide

Veridata Insights "Giving Back" Initiative Helps Food Banks Worldwide

Data collection company Veridata Insights has been privileged to have experienced significant growth over recent years. Recognizing their good fortune has fueled the company's desire to help those less fortunate and less privileged.


Spearheading a “giving back” initiative, Veridata Insights’ employees flocked to food banks to donate much needed food items.


Being a global and fully remote company, and not having one exclusive local community to serve, Veridata embraced this factor by adopting each team member’s local community as their own. Veridata staff across North America and worldwide visited their local food banks to drop off a range of non-perishable items.


Jami Pulley, Veridata Insights CEO commented: “Veridata has always had the heart and desire to give back as we grow the company. Over the last couple of years we only provided monetary support to certain charitable organizations. This year we want to give back in other ways as well.”


How to Find a Food Bank Near You (US)

1. Feeding America

Feeding America, previously called “Second Harvest,” is a non-profit organization and the largest food bank network in the country, distributing billions of meals to Americans every year. Visit to get a list of food bank pantries in your zip code or state.

2. offers a state-by-state database of available food pantries, as well as a database of government and non-profit subsidized grocery resources. Because it’s user-generated, it’s a good resource for finding up-to-date information.

3. Ample Harvest

Ample Harvest connects those who have home and community gardens with local food pantries where they can donate their excess harvest. To date, they support more than 8,500 local food banks across all 50 states. Find a pantry near you at

4. Homeless Shelter Directory

Not having a home and being food insecure are closely linked, but you don’t need to be homeless to find a food pantry through the Homeless Shelter Directory. Find emergency food resources near you, including food pantries and meal programs.


Another great website offering a no-nonsense database of food pantries. Head to to start searching.


Through their free hotline, WhyHunger helps individuals and families find a food pantry online or by phone. Visit or call 1-800-548-6479 to get assistance. You can also text the number with your zip code. Services are available in English and Spanish.