Protobrand Appoints Co-founder Pal Marton Afzelius CEO - Industry News
Protobrand Appoints Co-founder Pal Marton Afzelius CEO

Protobrand Appoints Co-founder Pal Marton Afzelius CEO

Protobrand has appointed co-founder Pal Marton Afzelius as CEO. Pal will lead the company as it expands its insights solutions with clients across North America and Europe, and comments: "I'm excited and honored to be back to take on the role as Protobrand CEO. The company is coming off a great year and has an amazing team with a remarkable client base which means we are in a good position for future growth. I look forward to continuing to inspire the team and our clients to do good things better in the market insight industry."

Through its AI-powered brand and product innovation solutions, Protobrand captures the functional, symbolic and emotional dimensions behind consumer motivations to empower clients with transformational insights.

Protobrand Founder and Chairman Anders Bengtsson, Ph.D. comments: “We’re excited having Pal rejoining the company as CEO and lead our growth. Pal’s experience and optimistic leadership style will be instrumental for our team as we help companies to lead the world into an era of less resource intensive and sustainable lifestyles.”