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Leger Becomes Cube Shareholder

Leger Becomes Cube Shareholder

Leger announced that it has invested in Cube, a firm specializing in UX and consumer neuroscience.

This investment will give Leger’s clients access to CubeGO, Cube’s remote user-testing platform, which delivers valuable consumer behavioral insights through eye tracking, facial recognition, and surveys. Using this innovative technology will enable Leger’s clients to see a true portrait of their customer journey, empowering them to improve their user experience (UX) and increase their margins, revenue, and customer retention.

“Our clients have been looking for a powerful UX technology that can integrate surveys, eye tracking, and facial recognition into a single application for a long time. Developed by HEC Montréal professors, CubeGO’s 360° approach is unique and makes it possible to better understand the unconscious mechanisms behind consumer decision-making. This new interactive application will help our clients reduce their margin of error and make better and faster business decisions,” said Jean-Marc Léger, President, Leger.

“CubeGO was built to identify consumer insights that go beyond traditional market research. Leger’s history in the market research sphere and reputation for delivering innovative and accurate insights makes them the perfect partner to bring a new way of analyzing consumer behavior to the market,” said Neil Fleischer, Co-Founder and CEO, Cube.

CubeGO uses the user’s webcam or mobile device camera to capture facial micro-expressions and emotions as they occur while tracking users’ eye movements to understand where they are looking at any given time. In addition, the platform’s survey functionality enables clients to capture users’ perceptions of their advertisements, products, websites and more.

Because the platform is available on mobile devices and can be used without moderation, it goes beyond traditional UX testing by capturing users’ feedback in the most natural way possible (for example, when they are shopping online or looking at a website).

By combining unbiased biometric data with Leger’s survey data, CubeGO provides a true understanding of customers’ emotional journeys.