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Empower Appoints Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Environmental Champions

Insights Association member and research localization agency, Empower Translate, has appointed Fadwa El Brigui (Senior Project Manager at Empower) as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion, and Lara Davies-Jones (Vendor Manager at Empower) as Environmental Champion.

"I feel very proud to be part of a company that is promoting and protecting everything I stand for," comments El Brigui. "The EDI Champion role is a brilliant opportunity to cultivate a culture that leverages diversity and equality to its fullest potential so that every employee can have a sense of belonging regardless of their background or gender."

Empower Champions are primarily responsible for ensuring the company fulfils the commitments laid out in the UK’s Market Research Society (MRS) Inclusion and Net Zero Pledges, of which Empower is a founding signatory.

"I am grateful for this opportunity and eager to collaborate with the rest of the team,” comments Davies-Jones. “It is my belief that every business, big or small, should nurture an Environmental Champion role. Driven by scientific research, and a desire to learn and promote understanding, we will monitor our environmental impact and hold ourselves accountable to attaining net zero status."

The ‘Champion’ assignment is an addendum to an employee’s existing job description and comes with additional remuneration. Champion duties are carried out alongside the employee’s main role.

“Our team leapt at the opportunity to actualize our commitment to building a better world for ourselves and others, and I am immensely proud of them,” comments Ruth Partington, CEO of Empower. “I believe company size is irrelevant when it comes to these pledges; it’s about agility of approach. We decided on a job description addendum to ensure that our team have the space, resources and accountability to fully commit to tangible goals.”

About the MRS: www.mrg.org.uk

About the MRS Net Zero Pledge: https://www.mrs.org.uk/resources/net-zero-pledge

About the MRS Inclusion Pledge: https://www.mrs.org.uk/resources/ceo-inclusion-pledge