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Insights Association IDEAtor Fellowship Program Launches

Insights Association IDEAtor Fellowship Program Launches

This week ten IDEAtor Fellows began work at the following Host organizations: Accenture, Adelphi Research, Escalent, Gongos, Ignite360, LinkedIn, Paradigm Sample, Schlesinger Group, YouGov, and Zappi.

This marks the inaugural class of the
IDEAtor Fellowship Program, which was launched by the Insights Association via its IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Council to help organizations throughout the insights ecosystem diversify their workforce. The 12-month program, developed specifically to address the needs of insights and data analytics organizations, aims to accelerate the recruitment, development, and progression of diverse talent in the industry while also building the body of knowledge around inclusive insights.


The IDEA Council worked with diverse talent specialists to source, screen, and select racially and ethnically diverse graduate/early career talent into the program, and together with Equitas Insight is managing on-boarding, contracting, compensation and benefits. Equitas Insight, led by Co-Founders Sandra Grandsoult and Ana Maria Santos, has been instrumental in the design and implementation of the program.


Each Host organization benefits from the skills, talents, and enthusiasm of two IDEAtors – each working remotely for a six-month duration – July-December 2022 and January-June 2023.

In addition to their work assignments, IDEAtors will collaborate on Inclusive Insights projects, lending fresh perspectives, ideas, and solutions to real industry DEI challenges. The program culminates in a Job Fair, providing Hosts and Sponsors the opportunity to recruit and retain highly skilled talent from the pool of IDEAtors. 

“High praise to the Insights Association for kicking off this wonderful program to bring diverse talent and fresh perspectives into the data analytics and insights industry. Each individual’s unique experiences and viewpoints improve our collective ability to create and deliver the best possible research and consulting, so we are honored to be a founding sponsor of the IDEAtor Fellowship Program and are eager to help shape a more inclusive future,” said Melissa Sauter, CEO of Escalent.


“We are grateful to IA for launching this program to help the industry move DEIB from an aspirational goal to a successful reality,” added Steve Schlesinger, CEO, Schlesinger Group. “This sponsorship is a smart business initiative close to my heart; we have seen that diverse contributions unlock creativity and innovation and correlate with outcomes that serve our clients more wholly, help grow our business, and fuel our evolution.”


“Gongos is honored to be an inaugural contributor to the IDEAtor Fellowship Program as we believe in its strong potential to be a catalyst for advancing diversity and inclusivity -- for both the insights profession and ultimately, the consumers we represent,” commented Camille Nicita, Managing Director, North America of Gongos, part of InSites Consulting. “Human understanding is the cornerstone of our industry, and alongside IA and other host companies, we are passionate and committed to shaping a future where every voice truly matters.”


“CMB is excited to be a Founding Sponsor of the IDEAtor Fellowship Program. It will help both our company and the greater Insights industry accelerate the recruitment and development of a diverse talent pool, with a particular focus on diverse and inclusive perspectives,” said Jim Garrity, CEO of CMB.


The Insights Association welcomes companies to become a Host or Sponsor and to spread the word about this opportunity to expand the representation of under-represented groups at organizations throughout our profession.