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Nexxt Intelligence Launches inca AI Coding

Nexxt Intelligence | inca, a Toronto-based research tech and services provider of conversational AI solutions, has introduced inca AI Coding. This addition to their suite of offerings uses AI to deliver unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and depth in coding open-ended data from quantitative surveys for market research.


The new offer, inca AI Coding, rounds out the suite of services offered by the company as SaaS tools, including the end-to-end inca conversational survey platform, that apply conversational AI tools to deliver the richness of qualitative human insight at quantitative scale and speed.  


The task of manually coding large volumes of verbatims and open-ended questions in market research has always been arduous and time-consuming. Previously available automated methods often lack the required nuance to aggregate, tag and summarize qualitative open ends to reveal breakthrough human insights. Inca AI Coding overcomes this by leveraging a state-of-the-art AI coding algorithm designed specifically for market research.


Kathy Cheng, CEO Nexxt Intelligence | inca explains, “By utilizing large language models tailored for market research, inca AI Coding uncovers key ideas, themes, and patterns within open-ended data sets. The solution automates the coding process while ensuring that codes are context-specific, exhaustive, mutually exclusive and aligned with the research objectives. Crucially, inca AI Coding also allows human analysts to review and refine the AI-generated coding, enabling customization and optimization.”


Researchers can use inca AI Coding to generate a codeframe from scratch or to allocate verbatim to an existing codeframe. Covering 134 languages and generating codeframes in minutes, inca AI Coding is available as a web application or via an API which enables its integration into other research platforms.