What is the IDEAtor Apprenticeship?

The Insights Association IDEAtor Apprenticeship is designed to attract and retain emerging talent within the market research and consumer insights industry. By partnering with industry organizations to solve real-world organizational challenges, conduct meaningful research, and learn the industry's ins and outs, the IDEAtor Apprenticeship is a highly curated program to foster growth, real work experience, and access to emerging and non-traditional research talent.

Insights Association

As the leading voice, resource, and network of the marketing research and analytics community, the Insights Association empowers intelligent business decisions. Through advocacy, education, and certification, we enable our members to thrive in an evolving industry and drive business impact.

IA has created a pathway to a more inclusive market research industry by founding the IDEA Council (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access), which governs the IDEAtor Apprenticeship. The IDEA Council conducts research throughout the year on diversity, equity, and inclusion and shares best practices within the industry through webinars and in-person events.

Our investment into the future of market research is represented in the IDEAtor Apprenticeship, a 12-month fully remote apprenticeship for entry-level and transitioning career talent.


Insights Provider Leaders

"We connect members to exchange and advance ideas in support of one another - knowing shared knowledge is power."

Corporate Researcher Leaders

"The Insights Association provides education, best practices and skills that I can leverage to develop my team to deliver impactful business results."


 Research Practitioners

"As an individual researcher, the Insights Association provides me with the network, education, and skills to excel-and the connections to prosper."

Research Support Providers

"The Insights Association keeps me up to date on market trends, innovation, and best practices and gives me market access to be a valued member of research teams."


Data Scientists (Analytics)

"The Insights Association connects me to resources that help me understand commercial viability and business potential."

Future Talent

"The Insights Association gives me the tools and connections that help me to excel in making a positive impact on organizations that I believe in."

Why the IDEAtor Apprenticeship?

Our program offers a unique solution that takes the burden of recruitment and hiring off your team's shoulders. Through a meticulous interview and selection process, we harness Hosts' recommendations on crucial skills required for the role, ensuring that candidates align perfectly with your company's needs. Our rigorous approach aims to mitigate bias in candidate selection, guaranteeing that only the best-matched individuals advance.
We've achieved remarkable success in matching candidates to companies and maintaining an open line of communication with Hosts to ensure apprenticeships remain mutually beneficial throughout the program. Our ultimate goal is to introduce market research to entry-level or transitioning talent, injecting fresh and innovative perspectives into the realm of insights.
During the program, Hosts provide invaluable insights into their company's structure and operations while we impart comprehensive training on research methodologies, offer mentorship, and facilitate monthly professional development sessions. We aim to attract and retain IDEAtors who embody agility, curiosity, and a thirst for continual learning.
Join us in shaping the future of market research by participating in our program. Let's collaborate to cultivate a dynamic and diverse workforce that drives innovation and propels your organization to new heights. Together, we can unlock limitless potential and chart a course toward unparalleled success.

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