Business Impact of Insights

The Insights Association believes that measuring the business impact of insights benefits all stakeholders across the value chain.

Increased pressure on budgets and on demonstrating the ROI of every investment across the business has placed increased scrutiny on the insights function to prove bottom-line results. Demonstrating business impact has become more than a nice to have, it’s become an imperative. While many would love to believe that our value is inherently understood, never before has it been more important to communicate the value that we deliver as a profession to the business every single day or to be able to illustrate how an investment in customer insight will pay off for the company.

Demonstrating the business impact of insights is not easily solved by a single person or by a single, simple model. It is a culture and a process that must be adapted to different organizations, industries, and insights techniques.

IA’s Business Impact of Insights Toolkit provides a framework to help you get started or continue to refine your approach to creating a competitive advantage for yourself and your company, and to continually drive demand for insights.

Seasoned experts in the field, the authors of the Report provide corporate insights teams and agencies a competitive advantage. Resources to strengthen their practice and their story with clients – both external and internal.

Much like our profession itself, the measurement and communication of insights impact is as much an art as it is a science. Nonetheless, there are common principles that the authors have observed and experienced in their own efforts to champion business impact in their organizations.

We invite you to utilize the resources and guidance contained in the Toolkit and we welcome you to share your experiences and insights as we continue to evolve together in delivering on the value of insights.