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UX, CX, HX, EX, and MRX, when working collaboratively, ensures that the customer is at the center of key business decisions and impact throughout the organization.


  • Setting customer-centered metrics to align the entire organization
  • Coordinating HX/EX for better CX
  • Harmonizing customer journey orchestration in omnichannel projects
  • Leveraging human-centered design approaches to customer understanding and activation
  • Coordinating UX, CX, HX, EX & MRX roles
  • Understanding the language of your colleagues, be they designers or data scientists
  • Observing customers without interference
  • Amplifying the customers’ voice to influence action
  • Identifying and rallying organizational champions to tout your team’s capabilities and commitment to cross-disciplinary work

Program Schedule

Harry Hynekamp VP, Fan Experience at AMB Sports & Entertainment Group is our guide. Harry will discuss recent innovations and initiatives and how insights informed CX. Harry is responsible for designing and implementing innovative strategies and fan experience programming to enhance the game-day experience for the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC, and event guests at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which opened in 2017. Hynekamp also oversees marketing and brand activities for the Atlanta Falcons and Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Meet up with fellow attendees at Max Lager's Wood-Fired Grill & Brewery. Space for this event is limited; register now! This event is hosted by WIRe (Women in Research) the Insights Association’s South Atlantic Chapter & the Black Marketers Coalition.

Speakers: Scott Baker, Escalent; Chris Kim, Schlesinger Group; Amanda White, Amazon Prime Video

Conducting in-person research over the past two years has required more logistical planning than ever before. While certainly adding a layer of complication, these challenges also brought innovations that very well can carry us into the future. Join long-time UX researcher Cory Lebson as he talks about how to safely and efficiently conduct in-person UX research through the Covid peaks and valleys and beyond.

Presented By: Cory Lebson, UX Consultant & Author

Organizations are struggling to create value from an ever-increasing volume of feedback shared by their users. It is an incredible challenge to sort and measure feedback at scale, in a way that facilitates meaningful change within large corporations.

How is it possible to distill all of those voices into themes that are coherent and quantifiable and lead to prioritized action? See how Nextdoor leverages feedback analytics to make meaningful change to their customer’s experience on its growing social media platform and amplify the customer voice through transparency and engagement across departments.

Presented by: Maryam Mohit, Research Lead, Nextdoor & Ryan Stuart, founder & CEO, Kapiche

If we separate Methods from Disciplines, the research universe gets bigger. Design research, marketing research, UX, CX, etc., all use the same basic Methods “grounded in asking questions. But they are different Disciplines because of how the research is utilized “ each is distinct and requires different design considerations and reporting approaches. However, across research Disciplines, a common theme is heard - the struggle to “get a seat” at the proverbial table. What if we changed the game and created our own table? Through cross-discipline collaboration, researchers can work together to influence change.

Join this session to:

  • Gain common research vocabulary
  • Draft your personal roadmap for influencing change via cross-discipline collaboration
  • Hear strategies for forming a cross-discipline advisory group within your organization

Presented by: Tricia Houston, Founder, The Experience Built Group

Some of the scariest moments for the product development team is that first type you put a prototype in front of a potential user. As Forrest Gump said once, “you never know what you’re gonna get.” This fear often blocks product development teams from incorporating true usability testing until the product is either “closer to being done” or “once we’ve worked out all the kinks.” While there is value in ensuring you have a somewhat functional prototype ready for testing, there is also significant value in learning how your user population might react. In this session, citing specific experiences at J&J, the presenters will discuss just that – usability testing: how and when to incorporate.

Presented by: Chris Kim, MD, VP, Human Factors, Schlesinger Group & Eleanor Small, Manager, Product Development, Johnson & Johnson

In many companies, UX research is focused in testing product ideas without a clear understanding whether there is a need in the market for those products. Lack of collaboration with market research teams and knowledge of market research techniques that can connect the dots between UX research and business outcomes is contributing to this disconnect.

In our presentation we will discuss:

  • The differences and similarities in the research conducted by those in market research/insights, CX, UX roles.
  • How those roles can work together to develop new products. The case study of BlockBuster Total Access will be discussed.

Presented by: Michaela Mora, Founder, Relevant Insights

This session will detail a collaborative and successful effort of defining and operationalizing customer-centered metrics for an online legal research platform.

UX researchers and data scientists jointly held a cross-functional workshop where SME team members initially brainstormed on customer actions that indicate successful (reward) and unsuccessful outcomes (effort) to the goals users seek to accomplish using the platform. Attendees then curated a list of reward/efforts ratios ”success metrics” which they then voted nine metrics to be the most important. These nine metrics were then operationalized with user analytic data and benchmarked against established north star metrics to validate their organizational impact. This work resulted in a list of customer-centered and action-oriented leading metrics that directly correspond to customer jobs, product functionalities, and organizational impact.

Attendees will learn:

  • A proven process for aligning organizational goals to customer-centered metrics
  • How to conduct a cross-functional workshop to identify success metrics for a product
  • A method to influence product direction using triangulated user data

Presented by: Anthony Schulzetenberg, Senior UX Researcher, LexisNexis

Behavioral economics, fast/slow, System 1 System 2, nudge – all intriguing concepts, but can behavioral science really have a measurable impact on customer decisions and business outcomes? Absolutely! Join us for this validated case study discussion about how applying a behavioral science lens to primary CX research can move the metrics needle for your customers and, ultimately, for your business.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to apply a behavioral science framework to enrich existing CX work or use as a blueprint for new CX programs.
  • Examples of how subtle changes can result in not-so-subtle results—and how these changes could be implemented across industries.
  • How to obtain stakeholder buy-in and prepare an organization to embrace behavioral science as a strategic CX tool.

Presented by: Elizabeth Wagner, VP, Research & Consulting, Escalent

Ask ten people in your company how to better understand your customers - or why doing so matters - and you might get more than 10 different answers. This ambiguity breeds challenges and opportunities. This presentation explores the power to be found in an expanded understanding of what the “customer” means and delves into how organizations benefit from a multifaceted approach to Customer Experience research. This means breaking through long-held perceptions and silos that separate teams, with the goal of truly keeping customers at the center of every business decisions, large and small.
Attendees will leave with:

  • A broadened framework for Customer Experience that’s fit for today’s world
  • A vision of how teams can embrace different - yet complementary - approaches to understanding customers
  • Practical guidance on maximizing the impact of your research across your organization

Presented by: Roddy Knowles, Senior Director, Research and Product Led Growth, Feedback Loop - a DISQO company

This session will discuss how the combination of a globalized market and workplace, along with non-traditional work environments (during COVID-19), have created a perfect framework for the merger of UX, CX and EX. Learnings will be shared from a series of studies conducted with customers, prospects and employees, worldwide.

Attendees will take away:

  • What the common building blocks of a winning unified X need to be
  • Where they might be found across multiple online and offline channels
  • What we need to alter “both in practice and mindset“ to be able to deliver on the promise of a great brand experience.

Presented by: Arnie Guha, Ph.D., partner and Chief Innovation Officer at Phase 5 & Gareth Tuppenney, Director of Digital Experience, the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG)

Brands across a wide array of industries are intent on dialing into Black consumers and engage with them in genuine, trustworthy communication. No easy task considering quickened market shifts and recent social and economic tumult and stress. Join this session to gain a better understanding of the Black consumer and how their customer journey may differ – today and in the future.

More important: learn how to remain attuned to the Black eXperience by recruiting, hiring, advancing, and retaining Black market researchers and consumer insights experts.

Presented by: Amanda White, Senior Marketing Audience Insights Manager, Amazon, Prime Video & Sequoyah Glenn, founder, 924 CoOperative

UX calls them personas, CX calls them personas, Consumer Insights calls them personas but everyone has a different take on what a persona is and who they are. In this session, we will explore the many ways in which personas are viewed and used, how target market and segmentation fits in, and how cross-functional teams can resolve this issue and democratize personas to become an effective tool in driving consistent insights between CI, UX and CX.

Presented by: Ania Rodriguez, CEO, Key Lime Interactive & Sally Cohen, Director of User Experience, Infoblox

Manual processes and data inaccuracies are common in brewery operations - and in manufacturing as a whole. However, Creature Comforts Brewing recognized that in order to scale, they needed to modernize. Processes relying on pen, paper and spreadsheets were preventing full visibility into their operation and creating production inefficiencies. Plus, there were no “off the shelf” app solutions to solve the specific challenges of craft brewing. Join Jose Gil from Stable Kernel and Cole Nicholson from Creature Comforts Brewing as they walk through the UX/UI research and design process that enabled Creature Comforts to digitize brewery operations with a product app, which has created the foundation for a far-reaching ecosystem - not just for Creature Comforts, but for breweries across the United States.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the breadth of the problem starts with user research.
  • An integral part of the UX/UI research and design process is the ability to turn observations into insights into a technical solution that has demonstrable business value.
  • Using a human-centered approach prioritizes the end user experience and keeps it first and foremost throughout the design and development process.

Presented by: Jose Gil, UX Manager, Stable Kernel & Cole Nicholson, Director of strategy, Creature Comforts Brewing Company

In this session, we will define the fan journey, identifying key stops and their associated pain points. Leveraging human-centered design approaches to understanding fan behavior and activation, we will describe factors that affect the fan journey and the influence that fans, known and unknown, can have on events and how they are managed. Based on fan observation and feedback, we will share practices and strategies that can help you innovate a FANCENTRIC experience for fans.

Calls to Action:

  • Sports and entertainment fans are customers, users, and guests and their voices need to be amplified and acted on!
  • Fan experience should be the focus of strategies for enhancing sports and entertainment events
  • Reducing pain points during the fan journey can improve revenue and build your fan base
  • People, processes, and technology can help you innovate a FANCENTRIC experience throughout the "journey of the fan"

Presented by: Lou Marciani, Founder, Innovation Institute for Fan Experience

We sit down with Rusty Parker, Director of Research and Insights & Joe Abercrombie, SVP, Live Entertainment & Production for a look inside the CX playbook of the Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena. Hear about recent initiatives and programs designed to keep fans engaged before tip-off and long after the final horn sounds – and how insights play a pivotal role in defining the Fan Journey.

Presented by: Rusty Parker, Director of Research and Insights, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena & Joe Abercrombie, SVP, Live Entertainment & Production, Atlanta Hawks and State Farm Arena

Enjoy beautiful rooftop views of downtown and the Beltline at Stable Kernel's headquarters.  Sample local brews & bourbon & meet the Creature Comforts Brewing Co. brewmasters! Apps & snacks will be served. Sponsored by Stable Kernel

Speakers: Chris Kim, Schlesinger Group; Amanda White, Amazon Prime Video

Assembling a cross-functional team of stellar people with different roles is easy. Inspiring them to consistently produce their best work while also influencing stakeholders, now that’s the hard part. You have to balance expectations, set clear roles and responsibilities, and simplify your findings so that decision makers can make product decisions. In this talk, Jen and Maranda will discuss ways to break down silos that naturally occur across disciplines. They will share tips on how to present findings for different audiences to truly have an impact on emerging products.

Presented by: Jennifer Romano, UX Research Lead, Google and Maranda Bodas, Staff UX Writer and Content Strategist, Google

This session will discuss how to use the Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) framework effectively for Service Design along with extending the approach to drive the UX Design for an overarching experience. Learn how a JTBD framework can bridge the gap between strategy and tactical execution.

  1. How JTBD framework is useful to the design of service experiences along with tactical screen-by-screen UX design work
  2. Practical tips on how to overcome challenges associated with the JTBD framework in the context of an Agile development process
  3. Putting JTBD theory into practice

Presented by: Anant Patil, Cox Communications, Inc.

This talk will focus on the importance of incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into the consumer experience. Oftentimes, companies focus on leveraging personas to learn more about their target demographic – but what if we actually learned from the target demographic. We’ll share examples of the small and large ways that brands can design products and experiences with a broader, more diverse group in mind and walk through real-world projects where including people before delivering an experience made all the difference. You’ll learn how DEI doesn’t have to be a challenge to overcome, it can be a space to spark creativity that can inspire unique, relevant experiences that ultimately strengthen consumer relationships.

Presented by: Kisha Payton, Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Head of DEI ThinkTank at C Space & Kenisha Thompson, Senior Strategy Manager, Best Buy

This case study will be presented in chronological order going through 3 different phases of research:

  1. Annual Member Survey
  2. In-Person Interviews
  3. Virtual Asynchronous Focus Group (using Recollective)

For each phase of research there will be a deep dive into the following:

  1. How member experience was enhanced / Showcased through member quotes & screenshots from research experiences to support
  2. What strategic community outcome came from the research / Info-graphical representations will be provided for Member Journey and Persona outputs
  3. What impact it had on the business:
    • Member Journey research > Improved user experience at different key points (streamlined registration process, expanded social media presence)
    • Persona research > Tailored community messaging & content
    • Member Survey research > Informed programmatic investment decisions, and a change in membership model
Presented By: Shanna Cleveland, Market Research Manager at Innovatis Group & Colleen Jamieson - Executive Director of the International Avaya User Group (IAUG)

You may have heard of the groundbreaking research from the Insights Association IDEA Council about asking demographic questions in a more inclusive way, but now what? This presentation explores the experience of the respondent when completing demographic sections of surveys and how we as researchers can enhance that experience while maintaining representation and data integrity. Presenters will also challenge the audience to abandon aspects of the status quo for the sake of the respondent experience.

Presented By: Keyona Osborne-Pannell, Senior Research Manager, Accelerate, a SmithGeiger company

As organizations seek to engage their increasingly diverse employees and customers with their brands, delivering equitable experiences at every touchpoint will become a right of entry and a driver of commercial success and philanthropic impact. We believe that the equity agenda is now a business imperative that must be baked into all Xperiences – whether UX, EX, CX or MRX.

Many organizations have already started on this journey (particularly for employee and customer Xperiences) and are making great progress in answering 3 critical questions:

  1. Where are we today on our equitable Xperiences journey – and what does success look like?
  2. What are the dimensions and vital signs of equity and inequity that exist across our people, customer and brand Xperiences?
  3. What are the priorities to address to make measurable impact and progress?

This interactive session will explore these key questions.

We’ll cover why equitable experiences are now a business imperative; why traditional methodologies might not be sufficient to measure this uniquely potent, high-impact experience; what fresh approaches, methodologies and tools are emerging to help answer these questions; and how to apply some of this thinking in practice.

Presented by: Sandra Grandsoult & Ana Maria Santos, Equitas Insight