Insights Professional Certification (IPC)
  • Jen Perry, IPCSales Director, Chadwick Martin Bailey


    "I wanted to hold a certification respected among my peers. My education was not in Market Research and yet I had learned so much after years in the industry. The IPC was the only way I felt I could showcase my knowledge to anyone who did not know me."

    Tim Kunkel, IPCVP of Strategy, Aspen Finn


    "IPC shows my clients that I can have an elevated conversation with them and provide guidance based on a commitment to standards and the highest ethics."

    Rahul Choudaha, PhD, IPC Managing Director, Higher Education, Morning Consult


    “I value the IPC Master as it provides an objective measure of proficiency and commitment to the evolving research landscape while adhering to high ethical standards.”

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  • Demonstrates your commitment and mastery of today's best practices for insights, market research, and analytics work.
  • 3+ years of industry experience required.
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  • The highest certification level you can achieve on your own, recognizing a decade of subject-matter expertise in the insights, research, and analytics industry.
  • 10+years experience.
  • Exam required
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  • A designation available by invitation from the Insights Association Board of Directors.
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In a fast-evolving, competitive marketplace, the Insights Professional Certification (IPC) is a valued mark of distinction - third party confirmation of your mastery of, and dedication to, the research practice. This certification demonstrates your awareness of the highest ethics and standards and your commitment to remaining abreast of new techniques and technologies; it is an objective measure of your knowledge and proficiency.

Regardless of your age or career stage, IPC tells clients, suppliers, and peers alike that you are actively engaged in today's insights, market research, and analytics work and do so with integrity.

Seeking a tangible way to engage and motivate researchers at your company? Utilize the IPC program as the framework for your continuing education and staff training. The IPC credential speaks to the quality and integrity of your company and ensures desired continuous learning. 



Certification is a means of differentiating oneself, a "badge" of competence and an assurance that the individual has up-to-date knowledge and experience.


Seeking a tangible way to engage and motivate the researchers in your company? Let the IPC program be the framework for your continuing education/staff training program.


Certification provides a vehicle for developing a pool of well-trained, competent market researchers, thereby improving both perceived and substantive standards


Certification demonstrates their mastery of research science. For all, even those with research-related degrees, certification demonstrates that they have pragmatic, real-world experience with the industry, not just an academic view of it.