Asking Questions on Race & Ethnicity


The IDEA Council published a report, “How to ask race and ethnicity in a more inclusive and sensitive way” in early April, 2022, and presented the findings at the Insights Association’s Annual Conference.

Here are some high-level takeaways:

  • Ask race and ethnicity only if needed—consider the objectives, audience, and context of the study.
  • If race and ethnicity data are needed, use the recommended approaches from top-performing questions (see the report for details).
  • Allow multiple responses
  • Have detailed and inclusive response options
  • Use “Prefer to self-identify” and/or include "Not Listed" with write-in options (don't use “other”)
  • Include a “Prefer not to answer" option so participants may opt out of the question
  • As an industry, we need to continue to test, learn and evolve methods of collecting demographics and designing sample for more inclusive and representative results.

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