The Y Conference


"Y" will focus on Human Understanding and how to gather evidence about Why people make decisions, and how to discover and measure that process.

All Times Noted are EASTERN TIME...

March 9, 2021

10:00am to 10:10am
Elizabeth Oates – Ulta Beauty +2

Elizabeth Oates – Ulta Beauty, Tracy Isacco – L&E Research, Melanie Courtright – Insights Association

10:10am to 10:40am
Damion Taylor – Prometheus Digital Studio +3

Damion Taylor – Prometheus Digital Studio, Tchicaya Robertson – Accenture, Jillian Kramer – Ypulse, Eliza Jacobs – PBS

10:45am to 11:15am
Fred Dust +1

Fred Dust, Shannon Danzy - danzy consults.

11:20am to 11:45am
Isabelle Landreville – Sylvestre & Co +1

Isabelle Landreville – Sylvestre & Co, Walid Benchama – Coca-Cola

11:50am to 12:15pm
 Daniel Fazekas – Bakamo.Social +1

Daniel Fazekas – Bakamo.Social, Imre Kiss – Wizz Air

12:20pm to 12:45pm
12:45pm to 1:05pm
1:05pm to 1:30pm
1:35pm to 1:55pm
2:00pm to 2:30pm
Amy Lawrence – Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz +3

Amy Lawrence – Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz, Travis Santa – Touchstone Research, Kerry Edelstein – Research Narrative, Inc., Howard Fienberg, CAE – The Insights Association

2:35pm to 2:55pm
3:00pm to 3:25pm
Gwen Ishmael – Escalent +1

Gwen Ishmael – Escalent, Paul Ponsford – Delta Faucet Company

3:25pm to 3:45pm
3:45pm to 4:10pm
4:15pm to 4:35pm
4:40pm to 5:05pm
Julie Rose – Sivo Insights +1

Julie Rose – Sivo Insights, Betsy Frost – DRY Soda

5:10pm to 5:45pm
Scott Baker – Schlesinger Group +3

Scott Baker – Schlesinger Group, Angela Lorinchak – Jackson Adept Research, Sarah Kotva – Fieldwork, Inc., Todd Biederman – Advanced Focus

March 10, 2021

10:00am to 10:05am
April Jeffries – Ipsos +2

April Jeffries – Ipsos, Isaac Rogers – Schlesinger Group, Melanie Courtright – Insights Association

10:05am to 10:30am
10:35am to 11:00am
Kelli Davis +1

Kelli Davis , Rob Volpe – Ignite 360

11:05am to 11:25am
Chasson Gracie – Omnicom/Dieste +1

Chasson Gracie – Omnicom/Dieste , Laura Craig – Delvinia

11:30am to 11:55am
Andrew Grenville – Maru/Matchbox

Andrew Grenville – Maru/Matchbox

12:00pm to 12:30pm
12:35pm to 12:55pm
David Evans – Collage Group +1

David Evans – Collage Group, Caron Merrill - CVS Health

1:00pm to 1:25pm
Vikki Cathey – Bel Brands USA +1

Vikki Cathey – Bel Brands USA, Liz White – buzzback

2:00pm to 2:20pm
2:20pm to 2:40pm
3:05pm to 3:50pm
Monika Wingate – Digsite +4

Monika Wingate – Digsite, Rick Kelly – Fuel Cycle, Caitlin McLean – MMR Research, Brian Barnes – M/A/R/C Research, Roddy Knowles – Feedback Loop

3:55pm to 4:20pm
Cara Shugoll – Limelight Insights +1

Cara Shugoll – Limelight Insights, Rick Seale – Limelight Insights

4:25pm to 4:55pm
Melina Palmer – Brainy Business

Melina Palmer – Brainy Business

4:55pm to 5:00pm