The Y Conference

Advances in Qual Research & Behavioral Science – Understanding the why behind the what.

March 9-10, 2021


Qualitative research and behavioral science are quickly evolving to fill knowledge gaps in a world changing as quickly as the next news cycle.
Through IA’s new Y Conference you’ll discover the power of Why – why consumers make the decisions they do and why researchers and brands don’t fully understand these motivations.


  • How an innovative combination of on- and off-line qual methods helped Coca-Cola reveal long-hidden insights into the attitudes, expectations, and challenges of youth in Quebec.
  • How to perform naturalistic analysis of materials from focus groups, IDIs, and asynchronous methods.
  • Optimal procedure for systematic, computer-assisted qualitative analysis of MR and sociological investigations to translate findings into practical insights, guidance and solutions for your clients.
  • A true understanding of people with disabilities and practical tips to make your research accessible to all.
  • How Peter Drucker’s “Oscillation Principle” – tapping into the best attributes of virtual and F2F – inspired enhanced collaboration and innovation – with Delta Faucet.
  • Unexpected benefits of virtual “in-store” research and the ways iterative learning loops speed final design, format, and packaging – with with DRY Soda.
  • Much more!

Plus, we’ll take a candid look at:

  • Ensuring a diverse & representative sample
  • Addressing and mitigating bias
  • The latest innovations in the areas of in-person and online qual
  • Data Privacy issues – important guidance you can’t afford to miss

We’ll sit down with Fred Dust, author of the groundbreaking new book, Making Conversation: Seven Essential Elements of Meaningful Communication.


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