The 2020 Northwest Chapter Future of Insights Summit

November 11-19, 2020

Wed + Thurs, Nov 11-12, 18-19   |   2PM - 5PM Pacific  

Four workshops, Three panels, One Visit to the Future, and Zero Lack of Quarantinis

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Session Highlights

Rebecca Ryan, Futurist

Keynote: We May Not Know What the Future Holds But. . . ​

Rebecca Ryan, Futurist & Economist

Will this disruption last? Will it be a sea change, or will we “snap back” to the “Before” times? For professionals wondering about the future of our profession and maybe even their own futures, Rebecca Ryan, APF will share how to “think like a futurist” and will lead us through an interactive process to help us image our futures.

Steve Henke, Futurist

Workshop: 11 Sales & Marketing Hacks as You Move Toward 2021... and Away from COVID​

Instructor: Steve Henke, Harpeth Marketing​

Jay Hawreluk, The AcuMax Index

Two Workshops: Know Yourself to Know Your Future

Instructor: Jay Hawreluk, The AcuMax Index
Understanding how your wiring can be used to best manage your future.

five speaker profile images for diversity and inclusion in insights

IA / QRCA Panel: Diversity & Inclusion in Insights

Roben Allong, Lightbeam Communications
Eric Atkinson, Projekt202
Mary Ann Mendez, Research Accessibility
David Paisley, Community Marketing & Insights
KC Sato, BC Hydro

Diversity and Inclusion in Insights Panel

IA / QRCA Workshop: Cast a Wider Net to Make Your Research More Diverse and Inclusive

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Leaders+3

Katrina Noelle, KNow Research
Lauren Isaacson, Curio Research
Christina Broat, Qualitative Research Partner & QRCA President



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