The 2020 Future of Insights Summit

November 11-19, 2020

The Show is Over!  Stay tuned to the Northwest Chapter for information on our next event!

Wed + Thurs, Nov 11-12, 18-19   |   2PM - 5PM Pacific  

Four workshops, Three panels, One Visit to the Future, and Zero Lack of Quarantinis

Hosted by the Award-Winning Northwest Chapter of the Insights Association

The Future of Insights Summit Wednesdays & Thursdays 2-5 PM Pacific November 11 -12, 18 - 19

Featured Sessions November 18th & 19th

five speaker profile images for diversity and inclusion in insights

11/18 @ 2PM PST
IA / QRCA Panel:  Diversity & Inclusion in Insights

This Diversity & Inclusion in Market Research panel discussion will bring to the virtual stage several researcher panelists from different communities (Black, LGBTQ, People with Disabilities, Asian North American) to discuss how their community could be better represented and understood in qualitative and quantitative research.

Roben Allong, Lightbeam Communications
Eric Atkinson, Projekt202
Shannon Danzy - danzy consults.
Mary Ann Mendez, Research Accessibility
David Paisley, Community Marketing & Insights
KC Sato, BC Hydro


katrina Noelle, Shelly Singh

11/18 @ 3:30PM PST 
IA / QRCA Workshop:
Cast a Wider Net to Make Your Research More Diverse and Inclusive

Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Leaders+3

Katrina Noelle, KNow Research
Shelly Singh, Hemispheres Research


Chris Robson


11/19 @ 2:00PM PST Tying it All Together

Over the last three days of this Summit, we will have heard some amazing presentations and been involved in some great discussions. As we come towards the end of the proceedings it is time to take everything we have learned and ask ourselves ‘how are we going to use all this and plan for our future?’ So, with an eye firmly on our 2021 plans in this session we will invite three of the faces from the previous days and ask them ‘what stood out, and how should we put it into action?’

The Tying it All Together Panel

  • Chris Robson, Deckchair Data
  • John Bird, Infotools
  • Jay Hawreluk, AcuMax
  • Jill Meneilley, Mobius Solutions Lab 

Merrill dubrow

11/19 @ 9PM PST
Keynote: The World According to Merrill - Insights 2021 Headlines

2021 is right around the corner! What excitement and challenges will next year hold for all of us? None of us can know for sure but acclaimed industry leader Merrill Dubrow has some ideas. What should we be looking out for, what should we be doing differently and how can we all position ourselves for success? Merrill promises this session will be very engaging with each attendee walking away with some thoughts and ideas to move their business forward! Be sure to join this closing keynote to get a head-start on your 2021 plans. 
Without question, this is a can’t miss session!


2020 wildfire relief fund


Benefiting Wildfire Relief in Our Community

In lieu of registration fees, we encourage attendees to make a donation to our GoFundMe benefiting verified community wildfire relief funds in California, Oregon, and Washington. The Northwest Chapter will match the first $1,000 in donations received.

Specific fund information can be found on our GoFundMe page - Donate Today!


Keynote Speakers