NEXT: Advancing Insights Through Innovation & Research

What is NEXT?

Researchers from technology. Analysts from telecommunications. Data experts from media, from entertainment. Statisticians from travel and from hospitality. MR professionals from finance, insurance, consumer goods. And more still from healthcare, from pharmaceuticals, from every other corner of the economy.

They come from boutique agencies. From insights firms. From advertising agencies and technology providers. From the largest, full-service insights organizations and from the smallest, niche data providers.

They come to NEXT. Shouldn't you?

NEXT is for MR practitioners who want innovation, who want more meaningful insights, and who want to influence strategy.

NEXT is for you.

Trust the NEXT experience

  • NEW ideas. NEW technology. NEW thinking.
  • Actionable takeaways? That's the whole point.
  • Content recycled from other industry events? Never. All content verified to debut here.
  • Session formats that encourage dialogue? You bet.
  • First-rate presentations? All are vetted by a panel of your research peers.

Plus, visit the CES exhibit curated exclusively for research and analytics professionals.

Give back to your industry by supporting the Insights Association – every dollar you spend with us is invested back into the industry to ensure that our profession thrives.