NEXT 2020



We're excited to welcome as Co-Chairs of NEXT 2020, Michelle Gansle, Director of Consumer Insights, Mars Wrigley and Dave Carruthers, CEO of Voxpopme!

Following are details of the initial round of workshops, thought leadership and case study sessions selected by our committee of industry experts from nearly 100 presentation proposals received. Stay tuned for additional details in the days ahead!  

Keynote Presentation by Andrea Jones-Rooy, Data Science Professor, NYU.

True Thought Leadership

How Insights Teams Can Better Connect With LeanUX Practitioners - it's happening in your firm, are you properly connected?

The explosion of LeanUX methodologies throughout the enterprise has been astounding. People of all disciplines – finance, accounting, HR, product, operations, etc. – are utilizing Agile, Lean, and Design Thinking methodologies to better identify and address opportunities. This means they are directly engaging with customers, most often without the knowledge nor assistance of the Insights team. While the intent is positive and the desire to learn directly from customers is appropriate, perhaps the process can be improved – dramatically – if the professionally trained and seasoned Insights team is involved. This Master Class will highlight this opportunity with case studies as well as practical “to do’s” that will help the insights professional better connect with LeanUX practitioners, creating greater value for the firm.

Presenter: Dr. Joel Mier, University of Richmond; former marketing and insights leader at Adobe, Netflix, and Genworth.

Birthing and Nurturing the Client-Side Consumer Insights Function
This Master Class will detail how to build a client-side consumer insights team from scratch, in a setting not traditionally known for listening to consumer inputs. Participants will learn about:

-The need for and how to attract executive attention/sponsorship

-The importance of maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit

-Gathering and vetting a core cluster of outsource contacts for those roles not feasible to perform in-house

-Developing a portfolio of successes to demonstrate the value of an in-house insights research function and attract clients

-The wide variety of organizational areas benefiting from insights research

-Building a team to expand the scope and capabilities of the consumer insights function

-The requirements for sharpening the team into a group of ideal consultative insights researchers 

Presenter: Edward J. Hass, Ph.D., Director, Consumer Insights & Market Research, Center for Health Delivery Innovation Nemours Children’s Health System


Influencing Skills: How to Ensure That Your Insights Lead to Business Impact
Insights are derived from the analysis and synthesis of data but have very little meaning unless they have an impact on the business. To ensure impact, insights professionals must exert professional influence on decision-makers. Trouble is, many are unsure about how to do it. This highly interactive masterclass will provide essential tools and skills to direct the conversation on its intended path and score desired reactions from your audience.  

Presenter: Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner, Cambiar Consulting

Behavioral Storytelling
A story, expertly crafted and effectively delivered, can move mountains. A story can make the complicated, understandable. It can reveal the human impact of cold, hard data. It can help people make better choices and feel better about themselves. However, a story isn’t a story isn’t a story. When the goal is to influence opinions and drive desired actions, human behavior must be taken into account. That’s where Behavioral Storytelling comes in. 

Behavioral Storytelling is a scientific framework for crafting stories and messages that are memorable and relatable. It blends emotional intelligence with principles from behavioral and narrative economics. The results are uniquely crafted stories that influence opinions and drive desired actions.

Dive in to learn Emotional Intelligence: Become aware of emotions of others; Harness those emotions to help advance the narrative; Manage those emotions to keep them within the construct of the narrative. Next, we’ll focus on Behavioral Economics: Heuristics, cognitive biases, and the seemingly irrational opinions, feelings, and decisions they lead to. Then it’s on to Narrative Economics: Focus on the narratives and stories people tell themselves that drive decision-making.

Presenter: David Paull, founder and CEO of Dialsmith & Engagious

Case Studies

Gender in Sports Ads – How (Non) Stereotypical Roles Affect Brand Equity
Women’s participation in sports competitions has been on a steady rise throughout history, albeit lined with many hurdles to overcome. In the Olympic year, with female participation at Tokyo at a historic high (48.8% of participants will be women), Twitter decided to take a deep dive into the way advertising portrayal of gender roles influences brand perception and their consumers.

By combining a mix of behavioral and explicit research methods, Twitter and EyeSee analyzed 12 ads to uncover the ways stereotypical and non-stereotypical gender roles affected ad performance in a busy Twitter timeline, and how the gender of the respondent impacts ad perception.

This case study will help researchers understand the nuanced approach necessary for addressing the gender gap in sports advertising in a social media environment.

Presenter: Michelle Grushko, Data Scientist, Marketing Insights & Analytics, Twitter

Dating Ideas for Success!
In the early stages of innovation, scores of ideas are generated but most are not consumer-screened because of time and cost constraints. Using advanced research technology, Unilever developed IdeaSwipe, a next-generation early idea screening tool using gamification, behavioral economics and implicit response, delivered at a fraction of cost and time compared to traditional methods. After overwhelming internal success, Unilever offered IdeaSwipe to the industry. More than 10,000 ideas have been screened over the past two years. See how this tool was created and discover its many powerful implementations.  

Presenters: Marie Wolfe, Global Director, CMI, Unilever & Vivek Sharma, Chief Strategy Officer, Brandscapes Worldwide, Consultancy

TV Co-Branding Creative Analysis  Research
In a growing competitive market, Grubhub continues to partner with the nation’s leading enterprise chain restaurants. Over the last two years, Grubhub has found qualitatively that enterprise chain restaurants bring an instant familiarity for customers, and also help build credibility and trust for the Grubhub brand. However, Grubhub had concerns on how to best position the partnerships with enterprise restaurants in TV advertisements so that they do not overshadow the Grubhub brand and main message. In partnership with Ace Metrix, Grubhub conducted a custom research study to collect and analyze TV advertisement effectiveness to ultimately uncover TV Co-Branded best practices.   

Presenters: Adrian Amrine, Lead Qualitative Market Researcher, Grubhub & Craig Wood, VP, Analytics, Ace Metrix