NEXT 2020

Call for Presentations

Do you have knowledge and expertise to share? Here’s your chance to participate and support our entire community in its effort to prepare for the NEXT evolution of insights – from generation to communication and implementation. Here’s how you can participate…

1. Teach A Master Class – Objective, educational tutorials and workshops (ranging from 30 to 90 minutes) will be 50% of this new program. We seek experts to inform us on: Non-Research / “Soft” Skills Subject areas of interest include (but are not limited to): - Negotiation - Communicating Research Results (Presentation Skills, including virtual presentations; Data Visualization & PPT; Report & Proposal Writing) - Sales - Embracing Innovation - Project Management - Team Management New Insights Technologies/Techniques (not a single proprietary service or product); how to vet potential solutions in a general area (automated tools, dashboards, etc.) or how to implement them. Subject areas of interest include (but are not limited to): - Behavioral Sciences - AI - IoT - Blockchain - Social Media - Data Analytics - Video & Voice - AR/VR - CX & UX - Agile Methods - Neuroscience - Automation Reimagined Process & Organization Insights – its purpose, how departments are structured, where it sits organizationally and how it connects and serves clients – is evolving. Have you reorganized your department with successful results? Care to share any failed attempts? We’re eager to challenge NEXT attendees to think differently about their process and structure.

2. Case Studies – MUST: Be a novel approach that has not been shared at another insights industry event; include a corporate marketing/research department representative who is available to present in person at the event; include detailed specifics on implementation process and required resources. (Presentation time range: 30 to 45 minutes).

3. Research Paper – Must include: Definition of issue; effects on performance/process or quality of research; Review of published research; unanswered questions addressed; Research design; Research results; Conclusions and suggested guidelines / best practices to improve current practice. Accepted submissions in this category are eligible for post-conference publication. Subject areas of interest include (but are not limited to): Automation, Data Fusion & Analytics, Data Quality, AI & Machine Learning, Passive Measurement, Mobile Engagement. (Presentation time range: 30 to 45 minutes) All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of expert practitioners. Presentation Proposals are due by Friday, January 24. Support the organization that supports you, your business and your industry. All proceeds from Insights Association conferences, as well as all our other programs and initiatives, are invested back into the industry to support legal, image, value, quality and business advocacy, as well as education, networking and other support initiatives. Your participation in NEXT helps to ensure that the research and analytics industry and profession thrives.