IA NEXT 2019

At A Glance

Here’s a quick scan of IA NEXT 2019!


  • Where is true AI being deployed to generate insights and do you really need it for your task at hand – Answers forthcoming in this special Learning Lab with IBM & Burke.
  • An ML approach developed in collaboration with MIT that’s discovering insight ‘pearls’ that traditional research missed.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

  • An objective assessment of when and when not to deploy VR/AR + Experience the latest retail, CPG & healthcare MRX applications with tech pioneers Groove Jones, QuiverVision & Virtex. 

Get Better at the Basics

  • Enhance your mobile surveys with best practices emerging from new research into techniques for Grid, List, Open-End and NPS questions.
  • From automated, barrier-free purchases to highly customized experiences, purchase behavior varies drastically by category – Learn how to follow the customer on via new pathways.
  • Bridge the gap between faster access to data and storytelling that accelerates insights into action with a new visualization technique.
  • Five questions you MUST ask to inform your journey mapping.

The Future of Video for Insights

  • The pending rollout of 5G will transform the impact of video on MRX. Leading brands are not waiting. See firsthand where PepsiCo, Mars, Pfizer and others are investing in video and why in 5 engaging sessions.

Drive Action & Innovation With Compelling Stories

  • Two sessions, two must-hear perspectives – Read people more effectively and move them to action; Learn a four-step framework for storytelling and how to evolve that story for different audiences. 

Client-Side Perspectives

  • How Mondelez evaluates, deploys and secures internal support for fresh techniques.
  • Insights for Non-Profits: Join this conversation with a panel of researchers from non-profit organizations as we discuss their unique ecosystems and challenges.


  • Take a ride with Anheuser-Busch to witness how they integrated retail safaris with innovative quant & qual to get a better look at beer buyers.
  • How the Royal Bank of Canada created a culture where marketing teams & researchers work together in a more agile marketing process.
  • How Cargill engaged “outside” team members to become active researchers and accelerated the journey to customer-centricity.
  • Flowers Foods explores best practices to effectively leverage behavioral economics-based System 1 research company-wide.

Expert Keynoters

  • What the merger of art & data science means for creativity, automation, personalization and your work from Eric Solomon, the former marketing creative lead at Google, Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • The tech trends that are and will have the greatest impact on consumer behavior and the future of Insights from Lesley Rohrbaugh of CTA, organizers of the seminal Consumer Electronics Show.
  • Gain a competitive edge with forward-thinking Customer Experience wisdom you can start using in your organization today - from CX guru Jeannie Walters.

Trust Adjust: Connecting With Today's Dubious Consumers  

  • New research reveals how insights teams can best incorporate consumer trust levels into brand evaluation.
  • Building & maintaining the public's trust to facilitate more data sharing is crucial to the health of Insights. Is blockchain the answer? See how it does when put to the test.
  • A new study examines where and how trust makes itself felt in the hearts and minds of consumers across dozens of verticals. Learn how trust can be managed in strategy, positioning, media planning, and social networking outreach.

Data Analytics

  • How the linkage of data & metadata (from social media, review sites, search & ads) can help deliver insights
  • Power past legacy data analytics systems with GPU-powered tools

Dashboards & Online Reporting Tools

  • This is no sales demo. Findings of a new study will drive an honest, objective discussion to help you understand when they make sense and when they don’t. See how to optimize these platforms and hear directly from corporate researchers about their successes and frustrations.

Fresh Takes

  • How semantic, episodic, and procedural memory systems translate into head, heart & hand when it comes to branded communications.
  • A data-based model reveals which emotions drive purchasing & create brand loyalty.

More Sessions You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

  • Surveys on Alexa and Google Assistant? It's happening. Get details, demos & advice on Voice UX from pioneers in the voice tech field.
  • ID Resolution & Data Onboarding: Learning to Love the LiveRamp – a must-attend for anyone tasked with building bridges across MRX & Ad Tech.
  • Fraud in Online Samples: Identifying Problem Areas & Limiting Incidence.

Plenty of Fun

  • Join us as we enjoy the world-renowned (but Chicago's own) Second City comedy experience.
  • Go on a Trend Safari – Venture into the Great City of Chicago armed with a map featuring the top spots where fringe customer trends unfold. Participate in entirely new retail concepts, experience new technology up close, and more. This tour is self-guided, so you can go it alone or with your team!
  • Welcome Party – Meet up with fellow attendees and members of the Great Lakes Chapter for cocktails!
  • See which innovation survives our Shark Tank competition – you, our audience decides!
  • Murder at Marketing Manor: Help us solve the riddle of declining advertising effectiveness.

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