NEXT 2018

The Innovations Rendering Deeper Insights for Leading Brands

April 30-May 1, 2018

New York, NY

U.S. Bank, Warner Bros., Kellogg’s, Mars Petcare, AON, Verizon, MillerCoors, Wrigley’s, Conagra, Condé Nast, Viacom

You'll learn from the innovative market research work being done by these and many other brands as well as what's over the horizon and heading your way at NEXT.

Lessons come to life in dynamic case studies and peer-reviewed research on research on such topics as Data Quality, Utilizing New Tech and Non-Tech-based Techniques for Deeper Qual insights, optimize mobile survey results with better research design and embedded device tech, the latest in System 1, how to improve brand and advertising evaluation and much, much more.

Expert keynote speakers will discuss the key emerging tech trends that will impact consumer insights generation, how to prepare your market research company or corporate research department for these innovations, how to keep pace with the accelerating customer interaction-machine learning loop, and how to best connect with millennials and Gen Z.

Plus, you'll be the first to hear the results of the leading annual technology study in marketing research and analytics.

Last year the inaugural NEXT conference attracted hundreds from across the market research and analytics spectrum for unsurpassed access to decision makers and the latest innovations impacting the insights space.
This year's event will be more expansive, exciting and educational – don't miss it!

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