IDEA Forum

Call for Presentations

The IDEA Forum committee invites you to submit a proposal to present. Suggested topics are noted below; we welcome others as well…

IDEAS for the Insights Workplace (Organizational & Community Diversity): Educate our community by sharing methods and best practices that can: expand representation of marginalized groups within our organizations and at industry events; support education and career advancement in our industry; ensure a safe, welcoming, productive work environment for all.

  • Initiatives that have proven effective at increasing organizational diversity, especially those that support long-term commitment to a culture of diversity
  • Successful approaches to recruitment, interviewing, hiring and onboarding
  • Efforts to educate staff about DEI issues
  • Activities that promote an inclusive culture, open dialogue, and sense of belonging
  • Programs that help ensure that organizations – especially in leadership roles – more closely reflect the diversity of the broader population  

IDEAS for the Insights Process (Boosting DEI in Research): Educate our community by explaining methods and practices which help to ensure truly representative research and mitigate bias within insights and analytics work.

  • Sampling and holistic insights best practices
  • Building long-term engagement with research participants in underserved populations
  • Initiatives to mitigate bias throughout the research process
  • Practices that ensure equity in access
  • Guidance on proper terminology and language
  • Moderation best practices
  • Adjustments in the way you are telling stories, crafting campaigns, choosing media to convey messages

Present a Case Study – Share with our audience details of a project in which insights were used to create a consumer-facing DEI-focused advertising or communications campaign for a brand. Describe in detail methodology, process, and resources; how the data informed creation, scope, messaging, media, etc. Describe how the impact of the campaign / initiative will be quantified and tracked. Must include as a presenter / co-presenter a corporate insights department representative. Accepted submissions in this category are eligible for an award and post-conference publication and promotion.

All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of expert practitioners.