IA Converge: The Intersection of Data Science, Market Research & Analytics


Welcome! Content for this conference will be driven in part via an industry-wide Call for Presentations, which is now closed. Following extensive peer review, presentations will be placed on the conference agenda along with recruited keynote presentations and other sessions.

Converge enables you to learn directly from practitioners who share your challenges. See how they are weaving disparate data threads into vivid insights at breathtaking speed. Plunge into an exhilarating information and idea exchange with peers from leading brands and agencies. Stay tuned for more information!

Featured Presentations Announced So Far Include:

Toward a More Perfect Union: Strategies for Coupling Research and Data Science For Better Innovation
Learn the major challenges to integrating data science work with UX and Consumer Research and how to address them, including how to bring along key stakeholders, what knowledge gaps to bridge, and how to build your team’s skills so researchers can go beyond mixing methods to actually influencing how data science work is done. You’ll leave this talk with a plan to create positive change within your company. You’ll also find ways to garner support for the coupling of data science and UX and Consumer Research as a pathway to better design and innovation work.
- Presented by Ovetta Sampson, Design Research Lead, IDEO

New Approaches to Measuring Brand Trust in the #Fakenews Era
Polarization, tribalism, "fake news" and growing expectations by consumers for brands to take positions on key social values and exhibit "purpose" beyond their products have created a "post-trust" environment that is increasingly challenging for organizations to navigate effectively. Learn how active machine learning is able to classify "trust" conversation from unstructured social data for real time/predictive understanding and actionability. Witness how organizations can benchmark to their industry as well as "cross industry" to generate important insight, evaluate root cause drivers such as CX, CSR, and brand purpose and how brands like Wal-Mart are using this data for enhanced understanding and use.
- Presented by Rob Key, Converseon, & Kris Russell, Wal-Mart

Leveraging Data to Run Adobe's Digital Business
Get an inside look at how Adobe is using data from across the enterprise to fuel its Data-Driven Operating Model (DDOM). This approach overlays a customer journey framework to understand which portions of the journey are performing at, above, or below plan and allows teams from across the functions of the business to focus their efforts where they are most needed.
- Presented by: John Copeland, VP, Marketing and Customer Insights, Adobe

Integrating Data Sets to Find Waldo
After a highly anticipated launch of two next-in-class agents failed to deliver upon expectations, the combined insights and analytics teams at Merck set out to diagnose the issue. After primary research determined that sales targeting was the underlying cause, internal and external analytics resources were leveraged to create a predictive model for ascertaining which physicians would be most likely to start or switch their patients to either of these two new agents. The architects of this solution will detail how three data sets were integrated with NLP, ML and Predictive Analytics to create detailed profiles of appropriate targets by brand and in so doing reinvigorated the launch of these important new treatments.
- Presented by: Michael Urrico & Christina Dimitry, Merck

How Attribution Standards Will Change Advertising & Analytics
As the science of attribution – the ability to gain insight into the relationship between advertising spend and outcome – advances with forthcoming Media Rating Council (MRC) standards this year, it is of course transforming the way in which advertising is measured, bought and sold. Will advertising need to be rethought in this new paradigm? What are the implications for advertising creative and media programming? Join us for a timely, much-needed look at the near- and long-term effects of attribution science on the future of analytics and advertising.
- Presented by Jeff Greenfield, Co-Founder C3 Metrics

Analytics & Privacy: Staying Within Legal Boundaries
Get an expert assessment of the current and future data privacy landscape as it specifically pertains to data analytics work in the insights space.
- Presented by Amy Lawrence, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz and Stuart Pardau.

The Identity Nexus: The Future of Consumer Personal Information
For the last decade, marketers have become experts in using data to create a rich set of products, services and experiences for consumers. People are now starting to wake up and say stop. The implications of this push back from consumers to protect their privacy and more actively manage their identity and personal information will have a profound effect on the future of marketing. It is by understanding the Identity Nexus that businesses and marketers will be able to thrive as attitudes and behaviors change regarding personal information and privacy.
- Presented by Michael Becker, Author, Strategic Advisor, Identity Praxis


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