Converge: The Intersection of Data Science, Market Research & Analytics

Make the right business decisions with more predictive insights in a new data age.

December 4-5, 2018

Los Angeles, CA

Introducing Converge: The Intersection of Data Science, Market Research & Analytics

Call for Presentations: Submissions due by August 15

The Insights Association conference committee is seeking presenters for our newest event, Converge. 

Market research, data science and analytics teams must converge in order to provide the game-changing insights that will unlock growth and expose the new opportunities for business stakeholders. The opportunity for businesses to become truly insight driven has never been greater. And that is the core of Converge.

Converge is a new event that will bridge traditional market research, data science and advanced analytics. A forum designed to advance teams and companies from being data driven to being truly insight driven. And finally, a community that will commit to and define ethical boundaries as we navigate new territories, many of which are largely still unknown.

Designed for the entire insights ecosystem, including data scientists, market researchers, consumer insights leaders and advanced analytics experts across client industries and provider companies. Presenters from corporate research departments, suppliers, government and academia will be given equal preference.

Here is a sample of topics that will be covered on the agenda:

Integrating structured and unstructured data to uncover more predictive insights to drive decision making

Harnessing insights in a quickly evolving data environment

Connecting data to decisions

The AI Revolution and the changing tech landscape

Spotting the perfect hires

Building analytics and insights centers of excellence

Data integrity

The blockchain opportunity

Layering analytics with qual to build more robust customer profiles

Using analytics to uncover strategies to increase CLV

Applying analytics to deliver brand growth

Data-driven business models

Creating data structures that grow and evolve with your business

Using data to build sales and brand performance stories

Overcoming legacy process and system architecture

Best database development practices for robust analytics

Data visualization breakthroughs

GDPR Compliance in a big data world

Feel good about your investment in Converge! All Insights Association revenue is invested back into the industry supporting programs, services, standards and advocacy to ensure that the insights community thrives. Join us!

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