2018 Insights50

May 2, 2018

New York, NY


A private event for leaders inspiring insight-led strategy, innovation and growth in organizations large and small.

1 day. 50 insights leaders. Hundreds of ideas that will increase the visibility and value of your team.

Insights50 is small and senior by design. Its reason for being is to provide camaraderie at a very senior level by uniting a high value network of leaders in consumer insights, market research and analytics.  Against the backdrop of a future focused itinerary, you’ll engage in debate, conversation and thinking that will reveal where to take your business next, how to recharge your team and position insights as a strategic force across your entire organization.   

Learn how consumer views are changing and becoming increasingly complex  across  financial, social and political issues.

Participation is limited to fifty executives who lead corporate research, insights and/or analytics departments. The Insight50 community asks for a commitment from every participant to contribute to the conversation and enrich the network by extending an invitation to industry peers who would benefit from this experience. 

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Keynote Speakers