2017 Insights Leadership Conference

Your Business. Your Team. Your Future.

September 26-28, 2017

Palm Beach


We're pleased that The Breakers, our venue for the 2017 Insights Leadership Conference, has emerged from Hurricane Irma without permanent damage. If you've been hesitant to register due to the dire weather forecasts, wait no longer. ILC is a go!

Inasmuch as you help lead a marketing research and analytics company, ILC was designed for you. Aside from its world-class venue, ILC offers a truly unique opportunity to benchmark with your peers and obtain insider information to course-correct your company's future.

At ILC, you'll discover that your company's size is less important than your willingness to listen, learn and innovate after immersion in the searing expertise of those who run the gamut in marketing research and analytics. It's that fresh-idea exposure that can help you tweak your company's own secret sauce going forward.

The speakers presenting at ILC will cover what venture capital investment can tell us about our future, AI, consumption data analytics, the role of UX with consumers, work force and culture optimization, and many other sharply on-point issues for marketing research business leaders.

Hear C–suite perspectives from Ipsos, IRI, Nielsen, Kantar, LRW, Directions Research and many others to return with ideas to spark bottom-line growth and inspire your teams to take your business in exciting new directions.

You know what the value of one good idea can be. At ILC you'll find several.

Pause your treadmill. Change your company's growth trajectory.

Join us under blue skies at The Breakers in Palm Beach to discover your future, and have a little fun along the way.


Keynote Speakers