2017 Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC)

The Right People, Brands & Solutions

ALL IN ONE PLACE: Who you want to meet... What you want to learn...

Those walking each day in your shoes know best the challenges you face. That’s clearly evident at this conference, where corporate researchers are involved in every aspect of the program and each session and conversation resonates.

From vetting proposals to presenting and moderating – nearly all sessions will be led by corporate researchers – your peers will frame the discussion here.

Leaders from Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity Investments, Virgin America, Unilever, Toyota, AIG, Colgate-Palmolive, A&E Networks, Ferrerro USA, Comcast and many more top corporate research departments will detail their pain points, their plans for the future, and what they’re doing to surmount their biggest challenges. These are discussions you can’t miss.

All CRC presentations were selected for their ability to help you evolve your skill set, elevate the insights mission and solidify your position as a strategic partner.

You’ll see groundbreaking approaches at work and hear diverse perspectives on topics determined by your peers to be the MOST important NOW.

Learn the latest innovations in behavioral economics, mobile ethnography, emotional listening, gamification, eye tracking, predictive analytics, synthesized data streams, agile methods and neuroscience.

In addition to revealing case studies on path-to-purchase, brand tracking, concept testing, and market segmentation, you’ll get practical advice to improve your respondent engagement, data visualization, insights storytelling, and data quality.