2016 Corporate Researchers Conference

Why Attend?

The Only Conference By, For, and About Corporate Researchers

Registrants for CRC 2016 are reporting these goals:

  1. Benchmark our practices against the cutting edge research tools and techniques sans sales pitches
  2. Network in a right-size environment with corporate researchers and research/analytics providers to identify new and better ways to use research
  3. Learn about agile research as a necessary step in the product/service development process from those who have done it
  4. Hear from professionals in small and large teams how to overcome common challenges
  5. Develop ideas for how to scale and evangelize research across our organization

Who you are: Corporate Researchers fuel the development of marketing intelligence, analytics, insights and strategies to promote their organization’s brands, products, services or ideas. The Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) was designed for them. If you’re a Corporate Researcher, CRC will provide you with valuable new skills and knowledge. If you're a Research Provider, you can learn about the market for your work, gain valuable new skills and knowledge and just possibly meet a new client or two.  

What: The 2016 Corporate Researchers Conference includes 48 highly curated educational sessions for Corporate Researchers and 42 for Research Providers presented by more than 70 speakers, who also have the opportunity to hob knob with Corporate Researchers. All can learn from more than 50 exhibitors in attendance.  

Where: San Francisco, at the Westin St. Francis

When: September 26–28, 2016

The Leading Edge: Neuroscience, synthesizing data sources, surprising methods, influencing corporate strategy and discussions on a host of cutting edge research and analytics topics will cover the latest thinking in MR and analytics.

Private Events for Corporate Researchers: CRC offers speaker presentations, network brainstorming discussions and networking events. These opportunities provide candid insights from your peers with minimal commercial distraction – an environment that can only be found at CRC.

Ideal Size: CRC’s size maximizes networking and educational efficiency – you’ll have plenty to choose from but also never feel lost in the crowd. At CRC, you can comfortably build a network of peers while sharing solutions that result in immediate impact.

Best Value: Designed exclusively for corporate researchers by corporate researchers, CRC is built to fit their needs. CRC has a unique quality that’s rooted in the perspective of industry veterans who have already overcome many of the challenges you face. And it's a fantastic value at a fraction of the price of other conferences.

No Infomercials: Every speaker and topic is selected for their real-world value to corporate researchers. No speaker slots are sold. Quality education results from CRC’s unbiased agenda.

Practical, Applicable: CRC recognizes that, too often, your budgets are limited and staff maxed out. These presentations are creative, topical and cutting-edge, covering issues that matter and providing new ideas that you can implement today.

Additional Opportunities to Learn: Recognizing that research providers are often instrumental in solving your challenges, CRC partners with top-notch suppliers who staff their booths with educators, allowing you to learn on your own terms.

Really Learn from your Peers: One of last year’s attendees put it best, saying, “Great vibe and atmosphere; it was very positive with a good mix of people. CRC is a very friendly, down-to-earth event without a lot of unneeded hype.” See the growing list of your peers who are already attending!

Who We Are: CRC San Francisco is produced by the Marketing Research Association, an organization dedicated solely to furthering the growth of marketing research. MRA’s total reinvestment of all revenues back into our profession directly enriches your career and those of other researchers like you.