WV - Delegate Thomas W. Campbell (D-28) re-introduced H.B. 2452, which would prohibit most automated research calls, in addition to creating  a new state telemarketing do not call registry.

The legislation would prohibit using or connecting “to a telephone line an automatic dialing-announcing device unless the subscriber has knowingly requested, consented to, permitted, or authorized receipt of the message or the message is immediately preceded by a live operator who obtains the subscriber's consent before the message is delivered.” H.B. 2452 defines “automatic dialing announcing device” (ADAD) as “a device that selects and dials telephone numbers and that, working alone or in conjunction with other equipment, disseminates a prerecorded or synthesized voice message to the telephone number called.” The bill would also prohibit ADAD calls “before eight a.m. or after nine p.m. at the telephone subscriber's location” and make ADAD calls subject to the do not call registry.

While H.B. 2452 explicitly excludes survey and opinion research from the telemarketing do not call registry, it includes automated research calls in all the above ADAD restrictions. MRA successfully helped to defeat Delegate Campbell’s legislation last year and we will again seek to amend or defeat H.B. 2452.