The Insights Association Code of Standards & Ethics was born from the esteemed legacies of CASRO and MRA, each known for establishing the standards upon which was built today’s market research and analytics industry. An uncompromising commitment to professionalism, this Code mandates a “chain of trust” with respondents and with clients that ensures quality and integrity throughout the research process.

The Code promotes an ethical culture in the marketing research profession where principles of honesty, professionalism, fairness and confidentiality combine to support the profession’s success. The Code sets standards of ethical conduct for all members applied against the background of applicable law.

The Code requires that members – regardless of research type or approach they employ – act to instill confidence in research quality to improve its acceptance, and to encourage participation by respecting the public’s rights as respondents. The Code addresses the responsibilities of marketing researchers to each other, the public and anyone benefiting from research and the decisions resulting from it.

The Code is intended to evolve with the profession. It is to be applied in the spirit as well as the letter of its principles.

Corporate clients and government agencies alike reference the Insights Association Code, which is considered the definitive statement of U.S. research standards by many global companies.

By becoming a member of the Insights Association, you and your company agree to adhere to these standards and annually reconfirm your commitment.