Several IA members and others in the Insights industry have been contacted via email with solicitations purporting to offer contact lists for direct marketing purposes. In a few of the cases, some of these “marketers” have falsely claimed some kind of affiliation or endorsement from the Insights Association (IA).

While this is not an exhaustive list, these email domains include the following: 

Any communication from these domains should be considered spam. We strongly advise against engaging with any individual who purports to represent these enterprises. Further, we advise against even opening any emails (or attachments to any of these emails), as they may contain malware or other viruses. As a defensive measure, we also recommend that you adjust the settings on your email so that all future correspondence from these specific email addresses are blocked.

Rest assured that the IA is taking steps to mitigate the wrongful and unethical activities of these spammers, including the placement of these domains on ISP “blacklists” and instructing IA’s legal counsel to send a “cease and desist” letter.

It is also important to note that the Insights Association does not recommend specific service providers. If you receive an e-mail or phone message that states, infers, or implies any recommendation from the Insights Association, or its predecessor organizations MRA / CASRO, this is a fraudulent claim.

In these challenges times there has been an increase in cyber-crimes and other scams by unscrupulous actors. We must be extra vigilant. In this regard, if you become aware of any suspicious correspondence, please reach out to Nicole Symelidis, VP of Membership, so the IA can take appropriate action.

Thank you.