Schlesinger Group, a leading international data collection and research services provider, has partnered with Voxpopme, a market leader in video analytics technology, to deliver Schlesinger OnDemand Plus, a combined solution for more cost-effective and more efficient video insights. Schlesinger’s new ‘Plus’ service includes fast access to video data, fast human transcription, automated video analytics, easy-to-use video management platform and secure storage of analyzed data for easy future access.

Schlesinger studio recordings are uploaded directly to the Voxpopme Platform, now within one hour of the session, allowing remote clients to stay close to the research and moderators to review sessions sooner. The Voxpopme technology powers an automated solution for researchers to bypass time-consuming manual video analysis straight to transcribed, time-coded, and tagged data allowing them to quickly understand sentiment and discover key themes. Voxpopme’s automated video analytics frees up insight providers to spend more time focusing on interpreting findings and sharing insights. The service allows researchers to return for up to two years to the analyzed video data, creating future cost efficiencies.

Dave Carruthers, CEO & Founder of Voxpopme commented, “We are delighted to partner with Schlesinger to enhance the usability of their video data for market researchers. Drag-and-drop snippet creation and showreel editing make it simple for analysts to assemble and share the most insightful video moments to support their findings. Our technology and this partnership reflect the growing appetite for video content in research reporting to help businesses and brands see the people behind the data.“ 

Steve Schlesinger, CEO, Schlesinger Group, added, “We are carefully exploring ways in which automation can create efficiencies for researchers. Voxpopme, with its innovative team and agile data analytics platform, was an obvious choice for a strategic partnership that allows researchers and their clients to quickly view research and for insights providers to move faster from video data to compelling and actionable insights that bring brands closer to the customer.”