Schlesinger Group, a leading data collection and research services company, has launched Moderate Anywhere™, a qualitative technology solution allowing researchers to conduct in-facility research from anywhere they have a computer, webcam, and internet.

Moderate Anywhere uses proprietary online research technology to host in-person IDIs, focus groups, and CLTs with respondents in the Schlesinger Group network of US facilities, while streaming a live two-way video experience to the moderator. Every session is secure, fully recorded, and transcribed. Just like being in-person, clients can join via a backroom feature and offer moderator guidance and feedback in real-time.

With Moderate Anywhere, researchers unable to travel can still conduct in-facility research and overcome tight timelines across multiple markets. Moderators needing to put sensitive research materials or prototypes into the hands of their respondents can do so with peace-of-mind knowing it is secure at a Schlesinger facility.

Commenting on the news, Isaac Rogers, CIO, Schlesinger Group, said, “we recognized the need for researchers to continue critical in-person projects, but travel restrictions are making this challenging. Using our in-house proprietary technology, we’ve developed a method to allow real-time up-close streaming of a focus group experience to a moderator and research team located anywhere in the world.”

Laura Livers, EVP, Qualitative Solutions, added, “we are pleased to offer an alternative methodology that combines access to Schlesinger Group’s high-specification research facilities and world-class recruitment and project management, with an easy-to-use tool when in-facility research is a key ingredient for research success.”

Moderate Anywhere technology is priced at $750/day. Schlesinger Group is waving all fees for this product until July 31, 2021 to help its moderator colleagues overcome the challenges of the pandemic.