Some great prizes were drawn at the 2015 MRA Insights & Strategies Conference in San Diego, June 4-6. The big draw was for a thousand dollar check from Dapresy, won by Shane Clark (DataWise), pictured above. Let's salute all the winners, and the sponsors who offered the prizes.



Expo Prize


Vickie Whiteley (Streamworks) $50 Starbucks Gift Card CLS Lexi-tech
Mary Lea Quick (Thoroughbred) Fitness Package Focus Crossroads
Jeb Bullis (Voxco) $100 Amazon Gift Card G3 Translate
Kelly Bowie (Aflac) $50 in Language Services CETRA Language Solutions
Keertana Alur (CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield) $50 Amex Gift Card 3Q Global
David Galloway (Galloway Research Services) $50 Starbucks Gift Card CLS Lexi-tech
Krissy Polley (Burke) iPad Mini The Logit Group
Danielle Blugrind (Insightography) $100 Prepaid Visa Card Fieldwork
Missy Kevorkian (Directions Research) $50 Starbucks Gift Card CLS Lexi-tech
Normand Peladau (Provalis Research) One free course registration University of Georgia/MRII
Bethany Moffet (Research Now) Plush Panda GSSInsight
Takahira Yamaya (Rakuten AIP) Plush Panda GSSInsight
Noah Porter (US Pharmacopea) ROKU Research Now
Pantea Ashtari (CSG-ORBLINX) FitBit Netquest
Jenna Kelly (Jack in the Box) Apple Watch Field Agent
Michaela Mora (Relevant Insights) FitBit Cvent Web Surveys
Todd Costello (CMR Services) $100 Visa Gift Card ADAPT Inc.
Sandy McCray (Intengo) $200 Gift Card Focus Forward & Panel Direct Online
Cari Pirello (MarketingWorkshop) $50 Starbucks Gift Card CLS Lexi-tech
Dana Morrey (DataWise) $100 Amex Gift Card Marketing Systems Group


MRA staffer Ann Morgan draws the winner of the thousand dollar check from Dapresy at ISC