Flavors signal the change of seasons, mark the passage of time, evoke emotion, and anticipate moments in life. Some flavors are inescapably linked to a season, but not all flavor connections are that obvious. These factors prompt many Givaudan customers to press the world-leading flavor and fragrance company for answers to one recurring question:

"What is the next ‘pumpkin spice"?

To find out, Givaudan partnered with Bellomy, a leading provider of market intelligence. Together, they spearheaded in-depth research to better understand which seasonal flavors held the most excitement, interest, passion — and nostalgia — for food & beverage consumers.

The research led to the development of Givaudan Seasons, a foundational program to connect customers with real-world seasonal strategies.

In short, Seasons works to:

• Provide deep insights into which flavors have the strongest appeal during a single season, span multiple seasons or generate mass appeal throughout the year,

• Uncover how adding key descriptors to a name can help a flavor create a stronger seasonal connection with consumers, and

• Understand deeper seasonal associations by examining how flavors are connected to occasions and emotional drivers during each season.

Givaudan Seasons is the first consumer research program in North America to combine flavor insights for both food and beverage to create a holistic view of the seasonal market. The Givaudan Seasons Discovery Session brings the research to life through thought-provoking videos and fun, interactive demonstrations for customers to taste and experience during the course of the presentation.

"Seasons marks our next step forward in creating differentiated value for our customers through thoughtful, creative consumer research design. The ability to significantly increase our customers’ confidence in their seasonal flavor choices through in-depth insights will be unmatched in the market."  

 - Eric Spenske, Vice-President of Marketing, Givaudan

This novel and engaging approach helps food and beverage companies take seasonal flavors far beyond a traditional “Limited Time Only flavor list” and develop richer, ongoing seasonal strategies. Givaudan partners with food and beverage companies to create stronger seasonal connections with targeted consumers. Insights from Givaudan Seasons support the launch of engaging, sustainable seasonal flavor programs and create brand loyalty and excitement- perfect for every Season.

 -- Learn more about the novel research that led to the development of Givaudan Seasons at CRC, October 8-10 in Orlando. --