Qualtrics, a leader in experience management, has announced the addition of API driven survey programming capabilities to its Qualtrics Research Core™ insights platform. The new capabilities allow insights professionals and research agencies to automate the creation and launch of even the most complicated research projects, allowing them to spend less time designing and more time acting on critical business insights to improve their customer, brand, product and employee experiences.    

Qualtrics Research Core, built on the Qualtrics XM Platform™, is used by hundreds of thousands of insights professionals across enterprises, agencies and academic institutions for their most important research needs. Powerful APIs allow users to code even the most complicated surveys and control the questions, logic, quotas, branding and other aspects of the survey design. Qualtrics users can accomplish this by calling the APIs in any mainstream programming language of their choice, including Python, Java, Node JS and more. 

“The launch of survey programming capabilities is another example of how Qualtrics is modernizing research. By automating an otherwise time-consuming process, this API-driven approach gives researchers the flexibility needed to increase productivity and gain higher quality insights,” says Kelly Waldher, vice president of Research Core, Qualtrics. “Survey programming joins a series of recent innovations to Qualtrics Research Core, making it a powerful toolkit for the modern researcher.”

The Survey Management APIs are built on modern cloud-based features such as OAUTH authentication, JSON payloads and RESTful design. These APIs augment the growing list of developer-friendly APIs launched by Qualtrics for automating the management of users, contacts, mailing lists, responses and other aspects of research workflows. This allows consumer intelligence platforms like Resonate, which produces the largest U.S. consumer survey, to scale their research efforts with fewer resources and errors, leading to higher client satisfaction.

“At Resonate we deliver hundreds of thousands of custom surveys each year, fielding at scale every day. With Qualtrics’ unique survey programming capabilities we are able to automate an otherwise time-consuming process, increasing data quality and accelerating time-to-value,” says Andy Hunn, Chief Operating Officer, Resonate.