Paul O’Shaughnessy, former EVP Global Sales at M3 and Global Head of Business Development at Cello Health, has joined the P\S\L Group to lead the RxY business.

RxY provides Pharmaceutical companies with an unprecedented understanding of the “Why?” and “Why not?” behind treatment choice. Paul will lead this rapidly growing business and will build on his knowledge and expertise of the pharmaceutical industry to generate new, fresh and actionable insights.

Jean-Olivier Marty, Group President, Instar comments, “It is fantastic to have Paul join the RxY business.Since its launch, RxY has been redefining how Pharmaceutical companies understand why medicines are prescribed, leveraging cutting edge technology to yield new insights. With Paul on board we are in a fantastic position to accelerate the growth of RxY.

Commenting on his appointment, Paul said, “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to be joining RxY. This offering is truly unique in our industry, filling a void that has long been a pain point for brand leads and business intelligence teams. We now deliver actual prescribing decision making, in near real time, whether for naïve or switch patients. Working in the current disease areas PsO, T2DM, COPD, MS, CD & UC our plan is to build out our disease area coverage rapidly.”