Oregon S.B. 472 died in committee with the conclusion of Oregon's legislative session at the end of June. This legislation would have prohibited the purchase or sale of a list of telephone numbers to be used for unsolicited calls, including calls for research.

The Insights Association had opposed Oregon Sen. Brian Boquist (R-12)'s S.B. 472 unless it was amended to allow for the conduct of research, by excluding survey, opinion and marketing research from the definition of an "unsolicited call."

As explained in our May 1 letter to the sponsor and the Senate Judiciary Committee, "While Section 2(6)(b) prohibiting unsolicited automated calls is of minimal consequence to our industry, Section 2(6)(a) would effectively outlaw the purchase or sale of telephone sample including an Oregon subscriber for random digital dial (RDD) studies (commonly used for public opinion, government and marketing research) or any other telephone research study not involving an established business relationship. This would be a significant imposition on studies involving Oregon residents, amidst a telephone environment already substantially impaired by rampant lawsuits against legitimate companies by litigators who abuse the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), as well as call blocking and mis-labeling of bona fide research calls."

While we are pleased to see the bill defeated, we will be on watch for it to be reintroduced next year, or be copied in another state.