Addressing some of the most pressing and challenging issues at play in marketing research, the Insights Association’s Online Sampling Forum met on Monday, May 8 in New York prior to start of the NEXT 2017 event.

Charged with providing education and leadership on topics related to Online Sample, the Forum is now working to provide guidance for the global industry via the following initiatives:

Sample Metrics and Demographics Protocols:
This workgroup is developing standard definitions of sample sources, sample performance and reporting. The workgroup also is developing definitions for the most commonly used standard profiling panel points.

Participant Engagement:
This workgroup is identifying best practices in the treatment of online research panelists/respondents/participants. The areas under investigation, include:

- Transparency
- Quality control
- Registration
- Communications (with panelists/respondents/participants)
- Recruitment channels
- Incentive types

Survey Best Practices:
This workgroup is focused on developing a standardized survey evaluation process to encourage respondent feedback to survey designers. The team also is developing survey guidelines and materials for researchers to help improve survey design across multiple devices.

The next meeting of the Online Sampling Forum is being planned for October, 2017. For more information about these initiatives or to learn how you can participate, please contact Peter Milla, Forum Leader.