New York State Senator Andrew J. Lanza (R-24) recently introduced S.B. 7846, legislation which would, according to the sponsor, make "unauthorized release of personal identifying information a class E felony."

Under S.B. 7846, "A person is guilty of unauthorized release of personal data when he or she releases, publishes, provides, distributes, or makes available to any other person, through any means, the personal data of any person without the consent of such person."

The bill defines "personal data" as "a person's social security number, financial services account number or code, savings account number or code, checking account number or code, brokerage account number or code, credit card account number or code, debit card number or code, automated teller machine number or code, taxpayer identification number, telephone calling card number, mobile identification number or code, electronic serial number, or personal identification number."

Since these sensitive data points are generally not collected in survey and opinion research, this legislation would have minimal impact on the research profession.