Maru/Matchbox, a technology-driven global insights partner, has announced the addition of the influencer social listening tool, Maru/Lissted, to their proprietary technology platform, Maru/HUB. Maru/Lissted helps discover the true influencers in communities – people and organizations whose influence reaches into the real world, not simply the ones who create the most noise online about a topic.

“Social conversations are full of noise, and identifying the right people is crucial to companies needing to ensure their marketing activities are effective. Many brands overlook the impact that influencers have on social media conversations and buying behavior. In fact, a significant number of consumers consistently purchase products and services as a direct result of an influencer’s post.” said Maru/Matchbox Chief Innovation & Solutions Officer, Todd Trautz. “Maru/Lissted utilizes AI to identify the influencers that direct the social conversation within a topical community. Their influence can change the conversation about a brand for better or for worse; their thoughts or posts carry with it the potential for virality beyond the topical community,” Trautz added.

The tool analyzes how members of topical communities relevant to individual brands react to content, tweets and even websites. This can help companies amplify their content through better content planning, community engagement, influencer relations, search engine optimization and reputation management. “The launch of our Maru/Lissted solution is a key step in how we can help clients spark better connections with their customers, all while using our innovative proprietary technology, Maru/HUB,” said Maru Group CEO Ged Parton.