Toronto-based data services firm Maru/Blue has announced multiple promotions.

On the Agency sales team, Katie Gawlik is now VP of Strategy & Development. Katie joined the Maru/Blue team in 2018 and since has brought on board several key clients in the space and accelerated our growth.

On the Enterprise sales team, Waleed Nesyif, former Director of Strategy & Development, is now VP of Strategy & Development. Waleed joined the Maru/Blue team in 2013. Since, he served an important role increasing the company’s presence across North America and across multiple channels, including Agency, Market Research and Enterprise. With Enterprise as his sole channel now, his focus will be client engagement and retention and leading his team in new ways which will support company growth.

On the Market Research sales team, Mellissa Hill, former Director of Strategy & Development, is now VP of Strategy & Development. Mellissa joined Maru/Blue in 2018 and has been key to the growth of the company’s market research channel.

“These individuals have been instrumental to the growth of the business, and I am delighted to see them recognized for their hard work,” said Chief Revenue Officer Mirjana Mihaljcic.

On the community management team, Amanda Naismith, former Director, Profiling & Analytics, is now VP of Profiling & Analytics. Amanda joined Maru/Blue in 2008 and is instrumental in providing deep insights from our panel metrics to ensure quality, healthy panels. Maru/Blue also recently hired Amanda Ilnisky as Director of Maru/Blue Communities. Ilnisky is responsible for member engagement and quality for all of the Maru/Blue communities.

“Both Naismith and Ilnisky drive continued improvement and efficiency in the operations of our communities,” said Maru Group Chief Operations Officer, Julie Paul. “Their hard work and dedication to member quality and engagement makes them key to the success of the organization,” added Paul.